Profit Maximiser Review

Imagine a situation where all in one place you have hundreds of pounds worth of free bets, reload bets, free spread bets, free casino chips and free bingo cash, all making us loads of risk free, easy money!

This place also has dozens of like minded people all looking for even more new offers to make risk free money from, meaning that more and more free cash just keeps on rolling in …….does it sound like such a place really exists?

Well it does exist, in the form of Mike Cruickshank’s, excellent Profit Maximiser service. This service can make you hundreds of pounds risk free every week.

Just to be clear, this isn’t gambling, and this isn’t a tipster service. This is making money from free bets, reload offers, spread bet offers, bingo sign up offers, casino sign up offers and casino free spins, etc. There is no major risk to your money. There are techniques for cashing out this money risk free, and what Profit Maximiser does, is show you how to do this.

I can’t begin to explain in an article on a website just how good this service is, and how excited I am by the potential of it. I really do believe that it is the best product on the market at the moment, and it is by far the best service I have ever seen.

What Is Profit Maximiser?

Profit Maximiser is the latest product from Mike Cruickshank. As I have already stated above, it is a collection of free bets, reload bets, free spread bets, free casino chips and free bingo offers.

Mike has simply organised all of these offers and put them in one place. He has then produced videos (and written instructions) for all of these offers showing you how to cash out the maximum amount of money. Mike makes a living from cashing out these offers, and with Profit Maximiser he is showing you how you can potentially earn a living from these offers too!

The videos show you exactly how it’s done. There is no knowledge of betting needed, just an ability to follow and copy simple instructions. This is also all done without risking your own money, as this isn’t gambling. It is a system that does involve placing bets, but it’s done in a way that guarantees you a profit.

It is a money making machine that is showing no signs of letting up. And the reason why I don’t see these offers drying up is because there is just so much competition in the online gambling world that new and existing companies have to keep giving us customers these offers, or we will go somewhere else.

What we simply do, is take advantage of these offers, and then go somewhere else….. usually onto the next offer.

You may ask why these offers won’t dry up? The reason why I can’t see these offers drying up for the foreseeable future, is because for every savvy person that just uses them for the bonus/free money (like us), there is ‘God knows how many people’ who will just lose the bonus, and continue losing to that bookmaker, casino, or bingo site, for years to come – no matter what.

Basically, us savvy people are the minority. The people that use the offers and lose, far outweigh the few savvy people that extract the free cash and move on. So it’s in the interests of the bookmaker, casino, or bingo site, to keep giving out these offers to entice the majority that will lose with them for years to come.

And what Profit Maximiser does, is show us exactly how to take advantage and cash out these offers.

How Much Does Profit Maximiser Cost?

It is £97.00 + VAT (£19.40) a year. That’s a total cost of £116.40. This comes with a 30 day money back guarantee from Mike, and you also have Clickbank’s guarantee on every product they sell, allowing you to purchase in confidence.

This service is also only available to residents of the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.


There is that many free bet, reload, free casino spins, free bingo cards, etc, etc, offers out there now, that I do believe it is possible to earn a living just cashing in as many as you can. I’m serious about this, if you take all the offers available with Profit Maximiser and cash them in, and just keep doing it, why can’t you earn a living from it?

For many years I just treated free bets as a novelty, a bit of fun. Now along with casinos and bingo sites, they are an opportunity to earn serious money. This is serious business!

If you want a bit of fun with free bets, then fine. But I believe we are in a golden age of risk free offers. The online gambling world is just growing and growing. New companies and brands keep starting up and keep giving us new offers, so established companies then have to keep giving us offers to ensure we don’t jump ship to the new companies. And so it goes on and on and on and on…….

The shrewdies amongst us just cash these offers in and move onto the next one, filling our boots. There are thousands of pounds out there to be had for free, and Profit Maximiser is bringing many of them too you and showing you how to cash them all in with idiot proof videos….. it couldn’t be easier.

And Finally

If you liked Bonus Bagging, you will love Profit Maximiser. Profit Maximiser is far bigger, and far better. The Profit Maximiser service is more like Bonus Bagging’s big brother, as it has far more offers. There is no cross over of offers between the two though, any offers in Bonus Bagging, won’t be found in Profit Maximiser, and vice versa.

Membership of this service will also get you access to the Profit Maximiser Facebook group. This is where you will meet all the like minded members who you can discuss offers with, and/or just chat in general with.

And this Facebook group is a growing band of vulchers helping Mike by looking for even more risk free offers to bring to the service. This is one of the beauties of the whole system, there is far more than Mike out there finding offers for us all to cash in.

If you are still unsure, or think Profit Maximiser is too expensive, then take advantage of the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

This gives you the chance to try it out for free. If Profit Maximiser makes you your money back in the first week (as you should), then you are in credit.

You can then either ask for your refund and make an easy couple of hundred quid, or you can keep using the service (as you have made your money back anyway), and keep profiting from it.

It’s a bit of a no brainer in my view…. Try Profit Maximiser For 30 Days, By Following This Link…

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