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The over/under 7.5 goals market is fast becoming one of the most popular in football betting.

With more teams playing attacking football these days, matches with plenty of goals are becoming more frequent.


A bet on Under 7.5 Goals is a bet on there being 7 goals or less scored in the match, so it could be 0-0, 1-0, or even 7-0.


Under 7.5 Goals is a bet on there been 7 or less goals scored in a football match.

For example score lines that are Under include 0-0, 1-1, 2-1, 3-3, 4-3. As long as there is less than 7 goals, Unders is the winner.

With teams like Manchester City in the Premier League, and the Spanish duo or Real Madrid and Barcelona playing out and out attacking football, bets like Over 7.5 Goals are becoming more and more frequent.

It's not unheard of for Man City to win 7-2, or Real or Barca to win 8-0, all of which are results that would see a bet on Over 7.5 to win.

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Over/Under 7.5 Goals Spread Betting

The main spread betting for goals spread betting is Sporting Index. They have a Total Goals spread betting market, but it is generally based on the Over/Under 2.5 Goals market.

In Spread Betting on the average football match you can Sell at 2.85 Goals, or Buy at 3.05 Goals (for example). Selling at 2.85 Goals would be a bet on Under 3 Goals, while Buying at 3.05 would be a bet on 4 goals or more.

Over Under 7.5 Goals Betting Odds

Typical odds on Over 7.5 Goals in a standard Premier League match can be anywhere between 22/1 and 200/1, depending on who is playing.

Under 7.5 Goals can be anything between 1/66 to 1/1000. Realistically, you are only ever going to be backing Over 7.5 at those sort of odds.

over under 7.5 goals
Son Heung-Min celebrates scoring for Spurs

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