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Free Football Betting Tips and Predictions

We have over 10 years experience of bringing you the best football betting systems, free football betting tips and predictions, and £100’s in free bets for football betting.

Below we have put together a selection of the best football betting websites, as well as information about all the top competitions and leagues in Europe.

We also have information on free bets, and the best online betting systems.

Online Football Betting

If you love betting on all the top football competitions from around the world, you’ll love our online betting guides.

Whether it be top European leagues or the FIFA World Cup, our football betting guides have all the information you will need.

Free Bets

As an internationally recognised football betting website, we have readers from all around the world.

In order to cater for all of our well appreciated readers, we have worked hard and put together a selection of free bets from bookmakers across the globe. Making sure no one is left out. 

Football News

The sport of football is rarely off the news agenda, for both good and bad. 

Here at Football Gambler you can keep up to speed with all the latest goings on from the world of football.

We have the latest stories, including transfer news and rumours, and what your favourite players and teams are up too. All can be found here on our excellent blog…..

Football Betting Tips and Predictions

Good quality tips and predictions are hard come by. We like to pride ourselves here by only tipping when we generally believe in it, not just tipping for the sake of it.

To make things easier for you, we have grouped together the most popular football betting leagues and competitions for your convenience.

Below you will find tips on the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, and Serie A. More general tips will appear in the Tips and Predictions section of the blog.

Premier League Football Betting

When it comes to betting on football, there is no bigger league in world football than the English Premier League. 

The premier league attracts the biggest stars in world football, and bookmakers will give you odds on just about anything.

Latest Premier League Betting Tips And Predictions

With historical world famous household names like Manchester United, Liverpool, now joined by the likes of Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham, it’s no wonder the Premier League is a huge betting event. 

You can follow our Premier League tips and predictions right here…..

La Liga Football Betting

Home of two of world football’s biggest names, Real Madrid and Barcelona, La Liga is one of the most entertaining leagues in European football. 

Spain is home to the most technically efficient footballers, and therefore is always good value. 

Latest La Liga Betting Tips and Predictions

Over the years La Liga has attracted some of the biggest names from South America, the likes of Maradona, (Brazillian) Ronaldo, Rivaldo, and Lionel Messi.

South Americans seem to prefer Spain for the language, and similar cultures and climate. You can find our latest football betting tips on Messi and co right here……..

Serie A Football Betting

Out of the top leagues in Europe, Serie A probably comes behind the previous 3 for entertainment and popularity, that said it’s still very popular for betting.

Serie A and Italian football have legendary status. You can bet on household names like Juventus, Roma, Napoli and the two Milan giants. 

Latest Serie A Betting Tips and Predictions

And if you ever need convincing about the stature of Serie A, look no further than the 2018 signing of Cristiano Ronaldo. 

You do still get the odd 0-0 draw in Italy, but these days, Serie A is the exact opposite to the defensive, negative league it once was.

    Bundesliga Football Betting

    The Bundesliga is the top league in Germany, and home to one of the biggest name’s in European football, Bayern Munich. 

    It is also home to some of the most exciting up and coming footballers in Europe. There are the likes of Jadon Sancho and Erling Haaland plying their trades in Germany.

    Latest Bundesliga Betting Tips and Predictions

    In recent years a growing number of British youngsters have chosen the Bundesliga to help develop their careers.  

    Every week we will bring you the best tips from the Bundesliga. Our latest Bundesliga betting tips and predictions can be found here……

      Football Betting Systems

      Some of the best betting systems we have come across are listed below. They’re not just football betting systems, either.

      There is something for everyone. Our in depth reviews tell you all you need to know…. and they are totally impartial!

      If you are serious about betting on football, then here at Football Gambler we have all the tools required to help you on your way. To start with, we find you all the best new accounts sign up deals to get you started.

      These could be the ad hoc offers on specific football matches. Or you can use the general free bets that you get when you open new accounts.

      Football Gambler looks more at deals and offers existing customers get, such as reload offers, and only then do we recommend sticking with a bookmaker.

      We also look far deeper than just the sign up offer when recommending a bookmaker. For example, what do they offer you once you have opened your account?

      Online Casinos

      As well as helping you out to have a punt on the football, we’ve also put together a selection of the best online casinos. 

      Choosing a casino can be hard work. Are they reputable, can I trust them with my money, etc? These are all perfectly legitimate questions.

      Here at Football Gambler, we only recommend using well established, reputable casinos.

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      Football Betting FAQ

      Where can I find the best football sites?

      You will find the best online football sites right here at – we don’t just recommend a football betting website for our own sake, we check out their credentials first.
      – Are they safe?
      – Do they have a proven track record?
      – Are they properly regulated and licensed?

      How do you bet on Football?

      Betting on football isn’t complicated. You simply make a selection and bet on it. You can walk into a bookmakers to place a bet, or you can open an online account and do it from your PC, or mobile phone.

      The most popular football betting market is the match winner market. This is a bet on the outcome of the match. In other words, do you think Team A will win, or Team B, or will it be a draw.
      Don’t be put off if you are a new starter, it really isn’t difficult.

      If you are just starting out football betting, you’re lucky as we’ve put together a how to bet on football guide to help get you started.

      What are Football Betting Odds?

      Odds are the probability of a team winning a football match, or on the match being a draw.
      Basically an odds compiler will decide what the probability is of Team A winning, or Team B winning, or the match being a draw. The odds compiler will then draw up the odds based on the probability.

      How does Football Betting Work?

      There are plenty of different ways to place bets on football. You can bet on who will win a tournament, who will win a match, or which player will score the most goals in a particular competition.

      With over 100 markets regularly available on individual football matches alone, there is way too much information to be able to cover here. Our football betting glossary page covers most of the bets, and gives you all the information you need on the most popular football betting markets.

      Can you make money Betting on Football?

      It can be profitable betting on football, but do it wrong, and it can also be costly. If you are a high roller professional gambler, you may be placing huge sums of money on the outcome of one match. This could be the sort of money that would make you or I rich.

      It is also possible to make huge money from football betting on accumulator bets. It has been known for gamblers to make tens of thousands from just £1 accumulator bets. The problem with accumulators is they don’t win very often. But on the flip side, they are a cheap bet to place.