Bundesliga Betting

The Bundesliga is the top league in German football, and is one of the top football leagues in Europe for betting on.

Bundesliga Betting Tips and Predictions

    Everything you need to know to bet on the Bundesliga

    In total the Bundesliga is made up of two divisions, 1. Bundesliga, and 2. Bundesliga. The league that Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, etc play in is 1. Bundesliga, although it is just often referred to as the Bundesliga.

    Promotion and relegation exists between the two Bundesliga divisions, there is more information about that later in this football betting guide.

    Best Bundesliga Betting Sites

    Apart from ourselves (sorry, a bit of self -gratification never goes amiss), all the main established bookmakers are the best websites for Bundesliga betting.

    All the main bookmakers offer a wide range of markets on the Bundesliga, with the likes of Betfair and bet365 also offering live streaming of Bundesliga matches.

    Latest Bundesliga Betting, News and Views

    Our blog here at Football Gambler is a great place to keep up to speed with all the goings on in the Bundesliga.

    We also give you all the latest news, tips, our views, and betting advice. You can check out the Bundesliga section of our blog here.

    Your Guide To Betting On The Bundesliga

    Before you place any bets on any league you will want to know exactly what it is you are betting on.

    Understanding the format of the Bundesliga, and how the league works is important, and should not be overlooked.

    Below we have put together a guide of important Bundesliga facts you will need to know if you are betting on the Bundesliga.

    Bundesliga Facts In More Detail

    1 - There is a total of 18 teams in the Bundesliga, that's 2 less than the English Premier League. The team that finishes first, obviously wins the Bundesliga.

    2 - All teams play a total of 34 matches, these are listed as Matchdays. They are numbered Matchday 1, all the way up to Matchday 34.

    Bundesliga Matchday Image

    Every team plays all other Bundesliga teams home and away. A total of 17 home Bundesliga matches, and 17 away Bundesliga matches, for each team.

    Only having 18 teams, (and just 34 Matchdays), means that the Bundesliga has a less congested fixture list. This allows Germany to have a mid season winter break.

    3 - The top 4 teams all qualify for the following season's Champions League.

    4 - The two teams that finish in 5th and 6th place go into the Europa League for the following season. The third spot goes to the German Cup winner.

    5 - The two teams at the bottom of the Bundesliga go down the the German second division - known as 2. Bundesliga. The top 2 teams from 2. Bundesliga automatically replace them.

    6 - The team who finishes 3rd bottom of the Bundesliga (16th place) goes into a two leg play-off against the team who finishes 3rd in 2. Bundesliga.

    The aggregate winners get the final Bundesliga spot for the following season. Meaning the losers of the tie will play their football in 2. Bundesliga the following season.

    The first leg of the play-off is always at the home ground of the third bottom Bundesliga team, with the second leg played at the home ground of the third placed Bundesliga 2 team. 

    Away goals count if the match finishes level on aggregate. And if that doesn’t separate the two sides, it goes to extra time, and eventually penalties.

    Popular Bundesliga Betting Markets

    Some of the most popular betting markets on the Bundesliga include top scorer, and to qualify for the Champions League.

    Betting on the title race isn't that competitive as a betting market given Bayern Munich's recent dominance.

    Bundesliga Title Winner Betting

    These days the title is usually just a two horse race with Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund dominating. Although, with Munich dominating more and more, some might say it's simply now a one horse race.

    It has been slightly hijacked by the emergence of RB Leipzig over recent years, but they are still to mount a sustained title challenge.

    Top 4 Betting

    Also known as a bet on qualifying for the Champions League, this is a bet on a team to finish in the top 4 of the Bundesliga.

    Bundesliga Relegation Betting

    A bet on a team to go down in the Bundesliga is slightly different, due to the fact there is a play-off system in Germany.

    Check with your bookmaker first to confirm it's a bet on a team to go down by any method (both bottom 2 finish and play-off) , or whether it is simply a bet on a team to finish in the bottom 2.

    Bundesliga Resources

    Famous Bundesliga Teams

    The Bundesliga has one of the world's most recognised brand names in Bayern Munich.

    The German giants are as well known across the world as the likes of Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Barcelona, etc.

    Bayern Munich
    The most successful team in the history of the Bundesliga is Bayern Munich

    Bayern Munich have won 28 Bundesliga titles as of the end of the 2018/19 Bundesliga season. Making the Bavarians by far the most successful club in the history of German football.

    Bundesliga FAQ

    When Is The Bundesliga Season?

    The Bundesliga starts in August, and finishes in early May. Every year from late December to mid January there is a mid season break.

    How many teams are in the Bundesliga?

    In 1. Bundesliga there are 18 teams. This is the main Bundesliga league.

    Which teams are in the Bundesliga?

    The 18 teams in the Bundesliga are Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, RB Leipzig, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Bayer Leverkusen, Wolfsburg, Hoffenheim, Freiburg, Eintracht Frankfurt, Hertha Berlin, Schalke, FC Köln, FC Union Berlin, Augsburg, Mainz, Fortuna Düsseldorf, SC Paderborn 07 and SV Werder Bremen.

    How many teams in the Bundesliga qualify for the Champions League?

    The top 4 of La Liga all qualify for the following season's Champions League.

    How many teams in the Bundesliga qualify for the Europa League?

    The teams that finish in 5th and 6th go into the Europa League, along with whoever wins the German Cup, making it three German teams in full. In the event a team that finishes in the Top 4 wins the German Cup, the team that finishes 7th in the Bundesliga would get the third Europa League place.

    How many teams are relegated from the Bundesliga?

    The bottom two clubs go down, with the third bottom club going into a 2 legged home and away play-off against the third team from the 2nd Division. The winner plays in the Bundesliga the following season.

    Where Can I Find The Best Bundesliga Betting Tips?

    You don't have to luck very hard for the best Bundesliga football betting tips, because we have them right here. Simply follow our tag where you will find the best Bundesliga football betting tips. Our blog also covers all the top leagues in Europe, meaning you can find all the best football betting tips for today right here on Football Gambler.

    Which player has won the most Bundesliga titles?

    Surprising to say that a Frenchman, Franck Ribéry, has the most Bundesliga titles with 9 in total. Not surprising is the fact he won them all at Bayern Munich.