Free Bets

There are hundreds of pounds worth of free bets available from bookmakers new customer offers. Below you will see our current list of free bets and welcome bonuses. We continually monitor this list, and as an when any new offers become available, we add them immediately.

Free Bets and Welcome Bonuses

There are hundreds of pounds worth of free bets available with bookmakers just for opening new accounts and placing qualifying bets.

The usual way it works is that the bookmaker will match your opening bet with a free bet of the same value, up to a maximum amount (ie, £50).

I would recommend that before placing any bets, it is wise to check the terms and conditions of all the individual bookmakers, as most have strict rules relating to what bets are, or are not acceptable.

For example, some bookies will only allow bets at odds of better than Even money for a qualifying bet, and for the free bet. That’s why it is very important to know what the rules are before parting with any cash.
If used properly, Free Bets can be very profitable and used for Matched Betting which can help build yourself a healthy sized Betting Bank.

You can start with as little as one hundred pounds and build your betting bank up to around one thousand pounds, or more, it’s up too the individual just how many free bets you wish to cash in.

Be under no illusions though, it could take a few months to get make one thousand pound from one hundred pounds, as you would need to have your cash cleared (from both your qualifying bet and free bet) and back in your bank account before you start your next free bet process.

If you could afford to start with more money, you could use your free bets concurrently, meaning you could build your betting bank quicker.

Again, it’s up too the individual and just how much money you want to start the process with.

I will be writing regularly about my experiences using the free bet offers and how easy or difficult that I find my dealings with the bookmakers to be. I will also be searching continuously for new free bet offers from new bookmakers, so be sure to keep checking back for updates.

Good luck to all using these free bets.

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