What Is A Football Accumulator?

An accumulator is a single bet that is a combination of two or more outcomes (football teams). The payouts of an accumulator can be very high depending on the amount of teams in it. The flip side to this, is that accumulator bets only need one outcome not to win, for the whole bet to lose.

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There is a way to never lose an acca bet, and that is using Accumulator Generator. This is a betting system shows you how to place your acca bet in a way that guarantees you get your money back. You then make your money – risk free – from the free bets you get from acca insurance.

So basically you place numerous acca bets using the method shown in Accumulator Generator, getting your money back on all of them. Out of the numerous acca bets you place, by the law of averages you will trigger some free bets (by getting 4 out of 5 teams), which is where you make your risk free money.

In football betting terms, an accumulator can consist of as many teams as you wish, and can be made up of wins and draws.

An accumulator can also be known as an Acca, Parlay, or Combo. These variations generally depend on where in the world you are betting.

Examples Of What A Football Accumulator Is

You may like to put all the favourites in an accumulator, so you might have an accumulator made up of all the following teams to win……. Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, PSG, Ajax, Benfica, Celtic, Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich.

In this instant, if just one of the above ten teams doesn’t win, the whole bet loses. You would need ten out of ten for your accumulator to be a winner.

Another example of an accumulator might be as follows, Chelsea, Arsenal, Celtic and Rangers all to win, and the match between Manchester United and Manchester City to end in a draw. Again, if just one of those results isn’t correct, the whole bet loses.

Recommended Bookmakers For Accumulator Bets

You could have a two team accumulator, which would also be known as a double. Or you could have a three team accumulator, which would also be known as a treble. A four team accumulator can also be known as a fourfold, and a five team acca, a fivefold. Anything above that is generally just known as an accumulator. Footy Accumulators provide the best accumulator tips for their punters on a regular basis.

Acca Insurance

If you are placing a football accumulator bet, then if is imperative that you get acca insurance, or some kind of enhancement on your accumulator bet, should it win.

These days, nearly every bookmaker out there offers more than just win or lose on your accumulator bets. With acca insurance, you now have three options, the options are win, lose, or money back. Acca Insurance generally means if one match of your acca bet lets you down, you get your money back as a free bet.

Acca Insurance varies from bookie to bookie. Most offer it if one match of a 5-fold lets you down, some offer it on a 4-fold acca, with some offering it on 6-folds. The amount of refund as a free bet also varies, but it is usually £25.00 to £50.00.

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