Profit Maximiser Review

Hello, and welcome to our Profit Maximiser Review for 2023, here we give you all the information you need including how it works and how to get the Profit Maximiser Trial.

Profit Maximiser Trial
Take The Profit Maximiser Trial Here For Just £1.00 For 14 Days And See How Much Money You Can Make

We will tell you how much it costs, how to get the £1.00 trial, how it works, and explain how it can make you so much money.

Profit Maximiser Review

If you get free bets, you can make money - that is a fact. And Profit Maximiser brings the free bets too you!


Try Profit Maximiser For £1.00 + Vat for 14 Days Right Here. Either Cancel Before The End Of 14 Days, Or Complete Purchase At End Of 14 Day Trial.

Free Bets = Risk Free Money

Profit Maximiser and matched betting isn't risky betting. Remember this FREE BETS = RISK FREE MONEY.

All that Profit Maximiser does is find free bets for you, and show you how to make risk free cash from them.

This is important. Anybody concerned that this is betting, then don't be. It does involve placing bets, but not risking money. It's not like general football betting, or anything like that.

There is nothing illegal about this, and no risk is attached to matched betting (except for human error).

It isn't gambling, it is simply a process of placing bets in a particular order, and making profit from them.

It really is as simple as that. So don't be put off worrying it seems to be too good to be true.

What Is Profit Maximiser

So, you want to know what Profit Maximiser is then? Well, let me tell you. Profit Maximiser is a matched betting system by Mike Cruickshank that shows you how to make money.

Imagine a place where all in one place you have thousands of pounds worth of offers! That is what Profit Maximiser is.

These offers are made up of free bets, reload bets, casino offers, bingo offers, and spread bets. All of these offers can be used to make loads of risk free cash!

Well this place does exist, and it is Mike Cruickshank's excellent Profit Maximiser service. This service can make you hundreds of pounds risk free every week, and is one of our recommended betting systems that work.

Profit Maximiser Trial - £1 For 14 Days

First thing first in our Profit Maximiser Review, did you know you can try Profit Maximiser out for just £1.00 + Vat for 14 days? Well, you can.

Profit Maximiser Trial
Try Profit Maximiser For Just £1.00 Here

Using the £1 + Vat offer is a great way to get started with Profit Maximiser, and in the process you can check it out yourself.

There is obviously no better way to review the Profit Maximiser system, than by doing it yourself.

This is a 14 day trial, with 100% access to the full system. Using this offer you are all but getting the chance to review the system for free.

To complete the purchase, you will be required to pay the remaining £96.00 + Vat (the system costs ££97.00 + Vat in total).

During the 14 days, you will work out for yourself whether you want to keep the system, or not.

Getting Started

So now, it's on with the review. After you have joined, you will be greeted with the following page.

Profit Maximiser Menu
The Profit Maximiser Start Here Page - helping you to get started with the system.

Here you can see the six steps that you need to start implementing to make risk free money.

I'll break the six steps down into more detail later in the review, but here they are in a nutshell.

  1. Training Videos - These videos show you how matched betting works
  2. Bookmaker New Account Offers - Do these offers first to start building your betting bank
  3. Spread Betting Offers - These are slightly more complicated, but still add to your betting bank
  4. Casino Offers - Now it's time to claim the cash from the casino offers
  5. Bingo Offers - Next on the list is the bingo offers
  6. Calendar Offers - These are the reload offers that keep you making money

Training Videos

The first thing you will need to do is obviously Step 1- which is watch the training videos.

There are 12 main videos to start with. They cover a whole multitude of different things, but for now all you need to do is watch the first 4.

Profit Maximiser Training Videos
Training videos showing you how to get started, before moving onto the casino offers

The first 4 videos cover the bookmakers new account offers. These are the bread and butter offers of matched betting (which is essentially what Profit Maximiser is).

Once you've watched these videos, it's time to make a start on Stage 2- the bookmakers offers.

Profit Maximiser Bookmakers Offers

The first thing we are going to look at is the Bookmakers Offers. These offers are basically the sign up offers you see advertised on the television every time you watch a football match.

They are for new customers (of that bookmaker), and are designed to grab your attention and get you to open an account with that bookmaker.

Bookmakers Free Bets
These are the free bets you cash in first

At the moment there are 51 new customer offers on the Profit Maximiser Bookmakers Page - I've counted them. The free bets start as low as £5.00, and go up to £100.00 and beyond.

Even if you don't want to get down and dirty with Profit Maximiser - by that I mean using the Casino and/or Bingo offers, etc - you can still make hundreds of pounds just cashing in these free bets. It is easy risk free money.

If you do nothing else with Profit Maximiser, do these offers!

Try Profit Maximiser For £1.00 + Vat for 14 Days Right Here. Either Cancel Before The End Of 14 Days, Or Complete Purchase At End Of 14 Day Trial.

Bookmakers Offers
More of the 51 bookmaker's free bets offers to make risk free money from

Over 50 Bookie Offers

With there being 51 offers to work your way through, this will take you a while. All the time you are cashing in bets, you do have to wait for your money to be returned to you.

For this reason, you may want to start off with a bigger betting bank. Why? Well because every time you cash in a bet and make money, you need to wait for the bookmaker to return it to your bank. This can take 3 to 5 working days, in some cases.

If you start off with a small betting bank and need this money to move onto the next bookmaker's free bet, then you are waiting around for your cash to be returned. It simply slows down the process.

While if you have a bigger betting bank, you simply move straight onto the next offer, while you are waiting for your cash from the previous bet to be returned.

Spread Betting Offers

The Spread Betting offers are just a few offers, but they are worth a few pounds. For example, the Sporting Index offer is for £100.00.

At the moment they are included in the 51 Bookmakers Offers, meaning that you are completing Stages 2 and 3 at the same time.

As well as Sporting Index, there is an offer from SpreadEx included, and Profit Maximiser will even show you how to profit from football trading site, Football Index.

Once you have completed all of these offers, you will need to move onto the Casino Offers - which is Stage 4.

Sporting Index New Customer Offer
Sporting Index New Customers Offer

Profit Maximiser Casino Offers

Now things start to get a bit more tricky. Remember earlier where I said it's worth cashing in the bookmaker's free bets? Yes, will this is why.

Don't be put off by that, the casinos aren't as daunting as they sound. They just aren't as easy as the bookmakers. It's no major problem.

Like with the bookmakers offers, there is a load of training videos for you to watch for cashing in the casino offers. These videos vary from showing you the risk free casino strategy, to a lesson in how to play Blackjack.

There are two types of casino offers available on Profit Maximiser. They are the risk free offers, and advanced casino offers, that aren't so risk free.

Don't be alarmed by that. If you don't want to take on the advanced casino offers, you don't have too. First we will look at the risk free offers.

Low and Risk Free Casino Offers

Low Risk Casino Offers
There are 17 Low and Zero Risk Casino Offers on Profit Maximiser

All in all, there is currently 17 of these no to low risk casino offers. There are also two points I have picked up from these casino offers.

First, they are not all totally risk free. Some are, some aren't. Unlike the advanced casino offers, the non risk free offers are very low risk. The rest are risk free.

The second point is that some of these casinos are also have sportsbook offers that are listed in the Bookmakers Offers. This means that unless you can open an account in someone else's name, you probably won't get the bonus from the casino.

Most companies with sportsbooks and casinos will only let you claim one new customers offer. It's up to you whether you choose to use the sportsbook offer, or the casino offer.

It is still worth having these casino accounts for the reload offers. This is something we will get to later in this in depth review of Profit Maximiser.

Advanced Casino Offers

Right, now we move onto the advanced casino offers. For these offers there are a further 3 training videos to watch.

When you visit the advanced casino offers page, you will see that the offers are broken down into two sections. They are 'Medium Risk Offers' and 'High Risk Offers.'

In total there are 50 offers on this page.

Again, some of these companies have sportsbook offers you may have already cashed in, in the Bookmakers Offers section.

Advanced Casino Offers
A selection of the Casinos you will find in the Profit Maximiser Advanced Casinos section

The main reason why these offers are medium to high risk, is because you generally need to meet the wagering requirements.

This means you might have to roll over a '£20.00 worth of free spins' offer 25 times, or something ludicrous like that.

Personally, I'm not a fan of these offers, I would rather go straight onto the Bingo offers.

It's each to their own though, so if you fancy giving it a go, then why not.

The idea behind this strategy is that you are only using money you have already made from the bookmakers.

So if for example, you are over £1500.00 up, then what is the problem with playing through £10.00 on a casino offer?

You may well win big and swell your betting bank. And if you lose, then it's money you have already made from the bookmakers that you are losing.

Be careful not to give too much back though!

Bingo Bonuses

Profit Maximiser Bingo
The Profit Maximiser Bingo Bonuses

The next stage of Profit Maximiser is the cashing in the Bingo Bonuses.

In the past there was roughly 80 bingo bonuses to cash in, but sadly that number has now diminished.

That said, of the 9 offers currently listed, there are some decent sign up bonuses available.

Bonuses vary from £10.00 to £50.00, with start up deposits as low as just a fiver.

The tactic for using the bingo offers is too claim the maximum bonus available, and then use it as quickly as possible.

You are advised to buy all your tickets in one go, and then sit back and see how much money you make.

It is more a law of averages concept. What this means is, you buy (for example) 25 tickets with your deposit and bonus.

And by the law of averages, you should win more than your deposit amount. Meaning you are in profit.

Beware Minimum Withdrawal Limits

Some of the bingo sites have a minimal withdrawal amount of £30.00.

So if you don't win thirty quid from all your tickets, you will need to make another deposit to get your account up to £30.00, and then withdraw it all.

The problem with the Bingo sites is that they are all processed by the same couple of software companies.

As a result of this, you are advised to complete one offer at a time, and withdraw the money before you start on the next offer.

This is probably why the 80 odd Bingo sites that used to be on Profit Maximiser have disappeared.

Personally, I completed a lot of the Bingo offers using this method a few years back, and I made a slight profit on all of them.

It wasn't a lot of cash (per offer), but it all added up.

Profit Maximiser Calendar Offers

Right, you've now worked your way through all of the new customer offers. So what happen's now? Is that it? Have you finished with matched betting?

Surely that's it for Profit Maximiser, you're finished - WRONG.

This is the section of Profit Maximiser, that is the bread and butter of any matched betting system.

The Profit Maximiser Calendar is packed with offers for existing customers every day. And that's every day of the year.

Have you ever heard of the phrase reload offers? Well reload offers are basically free bets for existing customers.

And it's these offers that keep Profit Maximiser members profiting every day.

Profit Maximiser Calendar
An example of the offers you will find on the Profit Maximiser Calendar

These offers include ad hoc free bets. They vary from a free bet on a big football match that night, or on a big horse race.

The Calendar also includes offers like free spins at casinos that day, or it could be free bingo tickets, etc.

The Calendar also lists details of all the horse racing money back offers, and how to cash in the acca insurance refunds on football.

The Profit Maximiser Calendar is packed with new offers every day.

These offers keeps the money rolling in every week after you have worked your way through the new customers offers.

Profit Maximiser Horses

One of the more popular daily calendar ways of profiting is from the Profit Maximiser horse racing offers.

There are various techniques, from the money back as a free bet if your horse finishes second, to the lay to lose technique.

The Profit Maximiser horse racing techniques are one of the best methods to keep us profiting long after all the new customer free bets have been used.

How Much Does Profit Maximiser Cost?

It is £97.00 + VAT (£19.40) a year, a total cost of £116.40.

If you think that's a lot, bear in mind that there is already enough offers waiting for you now to get this money back inside the first two to three weeks of membership.

If you are not happy with it, just ask for a refund.

You also have Clickbank's guarantee on every product they sell, allowing you to purchase in confidence.

If you purchased using the Profit Maximiser trial for £1 method mentioned at the start of this review, then you need to cancel before the end of the 14 days to avoid being charged the remainder of the money.

Over the course of the year PM works out cheaper than it's rivals, OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator.

The difference with the rivals listed above is that they all have monthly subscription offers, whereas Profit Maximiser doesn't.

MatchedBets has a monthly option, and is also cheaper than Profit Maximiser across 12 months.

Make Your £97.00 Subscription Money In 14 Days

It's worth taking the trial even if you don't keep the system.

All monies you make during the 14 day trial period will be in betting accounts with your name on them. Meaning that the money is yours to keep.

Just doing two to three offers a week could see you make £50.00 a week profit.

All this is yours to keep no matter what you do. That's right, you keep the money even if you can your subscription!

Without being a genius in maths, even I can work out that if you make £50 a week for two weeks, that is roughly enough to buy the system outright.

Meaning you are effectively getting it for free.

How do I cancel Profit Maximiser?

There are 2 different purchase options for Profit Maximser, and therefore 2 different refund options. They are…

1) If you purchased Profit Maximiser for the £1 for 14 days trial you simply e-mail and they will process your cancellation within 1 day.

It’s important you e-mail your cancellation request inside of the the 14 days. Don’t leave it until the last minute.

The prevents you from being charged the remaining £96 + Vat at the end of the 14 days trial.

How do I cancel Profit Maximiser?
Profit Maximiser Refund Policy

2) If you purchased Profit Maximiser outright (£97+Vat), you are entitled to a full refund inside 30 days of purchase.

Simply e-mail and they will process your cancellation within 1 day.

Both cancellation options are no questions asked. In other words you don’t need a reason. Just simply ask for your money back. That’s it!

Profit Maximiser Facebook Group

Profit Maximiser Facebook
The Facebook group gives members the chance to interact and discuss money making opportunities

Profit Maximiser also has it's own Facebook group, which you will get access to as a member.

Here you will find loads of like minded members all looking to make risk free money.

They all have one thing in common, making risk free money - like yourself.

You can read and see what members are saying, or you can get involved and discuss ideas with fellow members.

Or if you like taking a lead role, make suggestions yourself.

Reload Offers
Profit Maximiser Review - The Facebook page also has reload offers added to it on a regular basis

Ad hoc offers are also added to the Facebook group. It's a great addition to Profit Maximiser, and it also gives you direct access to Mike Cruickshank.

There is Nothing to Lose Giving Matched Betting a Try

Remember - as there is hundreds of pounds of bookmaker's free bets to claim when you join, you can basically pay your £1.20 up front to get the 14 day trial, and then during the 14 day trial, you can cash in as many of these offers as possible.

Doing this, you will easily make the remaining £96.00 + Vat required to complete the purchase at the end of the 14 days. You will even get your £1.20 back.

The shrewdies amongst us just cash these offers in and move onto the next one, filling their boots.

Thousands of pounds is available for free, and Profit Maximiser shows you how.

Profit Maximiser brings these offers to you and shows you how to cash them in with idiot proof videos.

It couldn't be easier... and is why Profit Maximiser is one of our recommended betting systems that work.

Can you earn a Living from Matched Betting?

In all honesty, I don't know. I am a bit sceptical about saying yes.

I do believe that there are people out there making a living from matched betting, but they would be working extremely hard.

What I can say in this review with absolute certainty is that it is possible to earn a very lucrative second income using Profit Maximiser.

There is that many free bets, reloads, free casino spins, bingo bonuses, and spread bet offers, etc, out there now, that it is easy to earn around £100.00 a week.

That I'm serious about. £100.00 a week is over 5 grand a year. That's a decent second hand car, or a decent family holiday.

To earn £100.00 a week is fairly easy and doesn't take up too much time. The more work you put in, the more cash you will make.

Set yourself targets and gradually build

Start off with a target of £100.00 a week. See how many hours a week it takes you to make one hundred quid, and then reassess.

You might see it only takes you a handful of hours a week to achieve this, and that you are able to dedicate more time to using Profit Maximiser.

Keep building, and see where it takes you. For many years I just treated free bets as a novelty, a bit of fun.

Now along with casinos and bingo sites, they are an opportunity to earn serious money. This is serious business!

If you want a bit of fun with free bets, then fine. But I believe we are in a golden age of risk free offers.

The online gambling world is just growing and growing.

New companies and brands keep starting up and keep giving us new offers.

This means that established companies then have to keep giving us offers to ensure we don't jump ship to the new companies.

And so it goes on and on and on and on.......

Matched Betting is here to stay

Profit Maximiser Login
Profit Maximiser

You may ask why these offers won't dry up?

The reason why I can't see these offers drying up for the foreseeable future is because for every savvy person that just uses them for the bonus/free money (like us), there is 'God knows how many people' who will just lose the bonus.

And not only lose the bonuses, they will keep on losing to that bookmaker, casino, or bingo site...... and keep on losing for years to come!

These people need to discover matched betting, and need to read our Profit Maximiser Review.

So please feel free to share this review with anybody you know who fits this criteria.

Free bets, free spins, bingo bonuses, etc, are simply loss leaders for the bookmakers and casino sites, etc.

The bookies and casinos know they will make more money from most customers in the long run, than the free bets and bonuses cost them up front.

Basically, the savvy people are in the minority. The people that use the offers and lose, far outweigh us few that extract the free cash and move on.

So it's in the interests of the bookmaker, casino, or bingo site, to keep giving out these offers to entice the majority that will lose with them for years to come.

And what Profit Maximiser does, is show us exactly how to take advantage of, and cash out, these offers.

So while there is a competitive market place in these industries, these offers will continue to be available to us.

Is Profit Maximiser Any Good?

You can try the system for yourself for just £1 and see for yourself if Profit Maximiser is any good.

Profit Maximiser Trial
Take The Profit Maximiser Trial Here For Just £1.00 For 14 Days And See How Much Money You Can Make

In my review, I have found it to be an excellent product, so 'Yes' is the answer to the question, is Profit Maximiser any good.

Profit Maximiser is like OddsMonkey, Profit Accumulator, and all other matched betting subscription services. It finds the free bets for new and existing customers, as they all do. 

But Profit Maximiser seems stronger on casino loopholes, partly through Mike Cruickshank finding them himself and through his Profit Maximiser Facebook group finding and posting offers.

Profit Accumulator does also find plenty of casino offers. But to access them, you will have to upgrade from their Platinum Membership at £29.99 a month to their Diamond Membership at £44.99 a month. 

Profit Maximiser v Profit Accumulator 

As I’ve alluded to above, most decent matched betting subscription services do the same thing. I’ve been using them for years, and I can personally vouch for this. 

Where they differ is in site layout, price, and pricing structure. Profit Maximiser and Profit Accumulator are essentially the same. Profit Maximiser has a more slick-looking platform, but it is substantially more expensive.

I believe Profit Maximiser’s price is low to compete with other subscription services. And I also think it is to keep it as a viable alternative to Mike Cruickshank’s Betting Mastermind product. 

The thinking is that instead of forking out over £200 for Betting Mastermind, the customer takes the cheaper option of paying half of that price for Profit Maximiser.

Whether or not you use the 14 days £1 offer from Profit Maximiser, the total cost is £116.40 (including VAT for 12 months).

Profit Accumulator’s Platinum Membership (the basic membership) is £29.99 a month, or £199.00 for a one-off upfront payment for a year. While their Diamond Membership service (the one that includes casinos) is £44.99 a month, or £349.00 upfront for 12 months,

Both these services cost more than Profit Maximiser, and the Profit Accumulator Diamond Membership also costs more than Cruickshank’s Betting Mastermind.

Remember, all these services essentially do the same thing!   

Profit Maximiser Trial
Take The Profit Maximiser Trial Here For Just £1.00 For 14 Days And See How Much Money You Can Make

Profit Maximiser Vs OddsMonkey

With the exception of the different purchasing options, the main difference between Profit Maximiser and OddsMonkey is that Profit Maximiser focuses a lot more on Casino offers than it's rival(s).

This means PM has bigger individual winners, as it uses more risky casino offers.

Profit Maximiser Mastermind

Profit Maximiser Mastermind - what's it all about?

Searchers on Google ofter use the search phrase Profit Maximiser Mastermind, when they are searching for either of these products.

Although Profit Maximiser Mastermind is the wrong search phrase, it will still get you what you are after.

Google the phrase, and you will still find one or both of Profit Maximiser or Betting Mastermind.

But what is the difference between the two? Profit Maximiser is a stand alone product, while Betting Mastermind is a collection of matched betting products.

Profit Maximiser is cheaper. So you have the option to just buy Profit Maximiser. Or you can put the money towards buying Betting Mastermind, and getting a lot more value for money.

Try and think of all the best matched betting products from Mike Cruickshank in one place, and you will get Betting Mastermind.

Profit Maximiser Trial
Take The Profit Maximiser Trial Here For Just £1.00 For 14 Days And See How Much Money You Can Make

Profit Maximiser Review - Conclusion

We hope you have enjoyed our Profit Maximiser Review, and have found it helpful.

Remember – FREE BETS = RISK FREE MONEY – and as our review points out, Profit Maximiser shows you how to cash in free bets, and finds free bets for existing customers.

I do love using this service, but there are negatives though. I’m not going to produce a review on Profit Maximiser that just sings it’s praises. I’m going to be honest.

I am very disappointed at how little number of Bingo offers there is left to use.

As I stated earlier in the review, there was over 80 Bingo offers on Profit Maximiser in the not too distant past.

That figure has now greatly diminished.

I find that the Casino and Bingo reload offers are better value than the Bingo new customer offers.

Speaking of the bookmaker’s offers – I do like them. You can earn over £1000.00 on the bookmakers sign up offers alone.

If you do nothing else, complete the bookmakers offers. This could be the easiest thousand pounds you will ever make!

I also find the Calendar offers great, as I stated before, these offers keep you profiting after you have used the new customer offers.

Profit Maximiser Trial
Take The Profit Maximiser Trial Here For Just £1.00 For 14 Days And See How Much Money You Can Make

Profit Maximiser Review FAQ

Is Profit Maximiser part of Betting Mastermind?

Yes, if you purchase Mike Cruickshank's Betting Mastermind, you will get access to Profit Maximiser included in the price. Along with 15 other money making methods. The option is there to put the Profit Maximiser money towards purchasing Betting Mastermind instead.

Is Profit Maximiser any good?

This is a popular question asked on Google, personally, I think it is brilliant, but I would.

It is set up in a way, that you get your money back within a few days of purchase.... and I've continued making money ever since.

The simple way to find out, is to give it a try yourself.

There is a £1+Vat offer for 14 days here , we can all afford one pound and twenty pence, so just try it for yourself and see.

How Much Does Profit Maximiser Cost?

The full price of Profit Maximiser for the first 12 months is £97+Vat - this is a total cost of £116.40.

Is there a monthly payment option with Profit Maximiser?

No, you either purchase it up front for the full amount of £97+Vat, or you purchase the £1+Vat for 14 days offer, and then pay the remaining £96+Vat at the end of the 14 days.

They are the only two payment offers available.

How do I join the Profit Maximiser Facebook group?

Only subscribers to Profit Maximiser can join the Facebook group. After you join Profit Maximiser, you will see a 'click here' tab (step 3), just follow the prompts, and you will become a member of the Facebook group, and connect with like minded members.

Does Profit Maximiser Have A Free Trial?

Profit Maximiser doesn't have a free trial, but you can try it here for just £1 for 14 days. Which I'm sure you'd agree, is pretty much a free trial.

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