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The Half Time/Full Time betting market is a bet on what the outcome of the match result will be at half time, and what the match result outcome will be at full time.

So for example if Liverpool are at home to Man City and you are expecting a lot of goals, you might want to bet on Man City to be winning at half time, and Liverpool to be winning at full time. This would see you get far greater odds than you would get if you simply placed a bet on Liverpool to win.

Alternatively, you might want to place a bet on Man City to win at home against Southampton, but think the odds are too short.

In this instance you could back Man City to be winning at half time, and then to be winning at full time. This would see you get slightly longer odds, as City would need to be winning at half time, as well as winning the match outright.

If the match was 0-0 at half time, and City scored in the 80th minute, and won the match 1-0, then Draw/Man City would be the winning outcome.

There are nine possible outcomes to the half time full time betting market in total, they are all listed below.

Half Time Full Time Betting

- Home Team/Home Team
- Away Team/Away Team
- Draw/Draw
- Draw/Home Team
- Draw/Away Team
- Home Team/Draw
- Away Team/Draw
- Home Team/Away Team
- Away Team/Home Team

The first outcome is the half time result, and the second outcome is the final March result.

half time full time

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