What Is A Treble?

A treble is one bet on three teams to win, which is also known as a three team accumulator. The combined odds of the three winning bets is what you win.

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A typical treble might look like this….

Liverpool to beat Chelsea at Evens (2.00)

Manchester City to beat Manchester United at Evens (2.00)

Arsenal to beat Fulham at 1/4 (1.25)

….. in order for your treble to win, Liverpool, Manchester City and Arsenal all have to win.

Like in the example given in a What Is A Double? Your selections can’t cross the same match. ie, you couldn’t have Liverpool to win, and there to be Over 2.5 Goals in the Liverpool match in your selections. As long as all your three selections are on different football matches – or sporting events – then that is acceptable.

The break down of the bets looks like this (based on a £10.00 bet).

Liverpool beat Chelsea at Even money (2.00), gives you £20.00 (your £10.00, plus £10.00 winnings). Manchester City beat Manchester United at Evens (2.00), gives you £40.00 (your £20.00 from the Liverpool match, plus £20.00 winnings).

This means you now have £40.00 going onto the Arsenal match. Arsenal win at 1/4 (1.25), this gives you a total return of £50.00 (your £40.00 from the Liverpool and Manchester City matches, plus £10.00 winnings on Arsenal) on your £10.00.

To sum up, a single is one bet on one selection, a double is one bet on two selections, so it goes without saying that a treble is one bet on three selections.

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