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90 Minutes Football Betting

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Betting on the 90 minutes market in football is having a bet on who you think will win that particular football match. A 90 minutes bet includes stoppage time, but not extra-time.

A bet on 90 minutes is the most popular in football betting, and is the first odds you will see on any football match when you visit any bookmaker's website.

What Is 90 Minutes In Football Betting Terms?

There are three possible outcomes on 90 minutes betting. They are home win, draw, or away win. The bookmakers can describe 90 minutes football betting in numerous different ways.

90 minutes betting is a bet on who you think will win in normal regular time. What this means is, 90 minutes plus stoppage time.

These can be 1X2 betting, Win/Draw/Win, or Home/Draw/Away, depending on which bookie you use.

Stoppage time is the few minutes that get added onto nearly every football match, it is NOT extra time.

90 Minutes Betting In The League

If you have a 90 minutes bet in the league, the bookmakers will pay out on the result at the end of the match.

For example, if a match is 1-0 to Manchester United at 90 minutes, but their opponents (Liverpool) equalise in the 94th minute (stoppage time), then it is classed as a 1-1 draw.

The fact that United were leading 1-0 on 90 minutes is irrelevant. It is the result at the end of the match that determines the outcome of the bet, and that would be 1-1.

Difference Between Stoppage Time And Extra-Time

Extra-time doesn't occur in league matches, only stoppage time. The only time you will get extra-time is in cup competitions, ie, the World Cup, FA Cup, etc, etc.

Stoppage time can occur in every football match, both league and cup. It's added on when the clock gets to 90 minutes.

Stoppage time is for a combination of injuries, substitutions, goal celebrations, and general delays. It is only generally for about 3 to 5 minutes.

Extra-time is the extra 30 minutes played after 90 minutes, when two teams are drawing in a knock-out match. By definition, it a match goes to extra-time, it will have been a draw at the end of 90 minutes.

Extra time involves the referee blowing the whistle to end the match after 90 minutes. The 30 minutes extra-time is played over 2 halves of 15 minutes.