Both Teams To Score Betting

What Does Both Teams To Score Mean?

A bet on Both Teams To Score, is exactly what is says on the tin – a bet on Both Teams To Score, it is also known as BTTS.

The bookmaker will give you two choices in the both teams to score market. You can have a bet on, Yes, I think both teams will score in the match. Or you can have a bet on, No, I don’t think both teams will score in this match.

Best Bookmakers For Football Betting

All of the above bookmakers specialise in football betting, and they all offer Both Teams To Score (BTTS) betting markets.

Both Teams To Score Betting Odds

As it is basically a 50/50 bet, you will find the odds are usually around 10/11 on the ‘Yes’ outcome, and 10/11 on the ‘No’ outcome.

In matches where the two teams are more attack minded, and neither focus much on defending, you may find the odds are more around 4/6 on the ‘Yes’ outcome, and 11/10 on the ‘No’ outcome.

In tight matches with two negative teams, the odds might be more like 6/4 on the ‘Yes’ outcome, and 1/2 on the ‘No’ outcome.

Match Result And Both Teams To Score

It is also possible to have a bet on the Match Result and Both Teams To Score. This bet is as explained in the name, you pick which team you think will win, or if you think it will be a draw. If you get your selection right, and both teams score, the bet is a winner.

Both Teams To Score Accas

As the Both Teams To Score (BTTS) bet is a very popular, increasingly, more and more punters have decided to start placing Both Teams To Score Acca bets. These acca bets can be placed in the same method as a conventional football acca, with some bookmakers even producing both teams to score acca coupons.

If you can’t find a BTTS coupon, you can place your own bet. It might be a bit of a long winded way to do it, but basically you would have to click on each match individually that you wish to include in your acca, then click on the ‘Yes’ outcome (or ‘No’ if that’s what you wish) in the Both Teams To Score market, and add it to your online betting slip.

There are some bookmakers who include a both teams to score accumulator bet in their acca insurance offers (money back if miss by one), it is best to check the teams and conditions first though, just to be on the safe side.

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