Assured Soccer Profits Review

Assured Soccer Profits Review

Welcome to our Assured Soccer Profits Review. ASP (as it's also known) is a correct score trading system created by Geoff Parle, and marketed by John Duncan (the man behind Football Cash Generator).

What has our review of Assured Soccer Profits found?

The system is based on trading the Correct Score market on the Betfair Betting Exchange.

It involves laying scores pre kick off, or early in the match - and then either trading out for a profit later in the match, or leaving the trades to run for the duration to achieve larger profits.

What you get from Assured Soccer Profits

There is a constantly growing Members Area open to all purchasers of the system. From the Members Area dashboard there are various options including a Blog Diary of trading experiences and thoughts for the future.

Members get access to different sections made up of Getting Started Videos, Members Downloads, Method Modules, Videos and Tutorials.

To get you started there is a Quick Start Up Guide to read,  followed by watching the Getting Started Videos. This is the crucial learning part of the system as this is where you will be shown the match selection criteria.

The match selection criteria goes into great detail. When setting up the system, John clearly recognised that selecting the correct matches to trade was paramount to making a success of using ASP.

Members Downloads

In the Members Downloads area you can download an Exit Calculator, a Kelly Calculator, the full ASP manual, ASP results (part of the full results is included below), statistical data, a blank results sheet for you to keep your own records on, and the quick start up guide.

Method Modules - This includes different variations of the betting system, such as a 0-0 Strategy and a 'What If' section. This area shows you examples of how to react if things start to go wrong.

There is also Modules about different strategies and general system use. In total there is 12 different Modules that can be downloaded, all with plenty of help and information included.

Obviously every match is different, and therefore no game can ever really be traded exactly the same.

So in the Videos And Tutorials section there is 20 videos (in addition to the Getting Started Videos) showing different examples of how to react to different situations.

There is also videos showing match selection and how to use the calculator, etc.

There really is simply just too much content to try and get into this section. I could be here for ages - and really bore the backside off readers - trying to explain exactly what you get with this system.

How much does Assured Soccer Profits cost?

It costs £83.00 + VAT (roughly 100 quid). The good thing about this system is that it comes with Clickbank's Money Back Guarantee. The guarantee allows you to purchase with confidence, and it also gives you the chance to road test the product. If you don't like it, just get your money back.

Our Assured Soccer Profits review can only tell you so much. The best way to find out about a football betting system, is too try it yourself.


Assured Soccer Profits is value for money if you are happy to trade football in a meticulous way. While if you prefer out and out betting, this system probably isn't for you.

Discipline is required, as there will be times when you have to trade out for scratch. Assured Soccer Profits isn't a get rich quick scheme, it's a gradual accumulation of money over a long period of time.

Think of it from a percentage point of view. Instead of trying to make X amount of pounds a day, work on making 1% of betting bank. Using the percentage formula can also eliminate greed from your mindset.

The system's marketer, John is only an email away, and I have always found him happy to help. It isn't a 'pay your money and that's it' system, this is an on-going evolving process.

The members area is constantly updated with new content, such as videos, strategy updates, etc, etc.

You get numerous strategy updates as the Correct Score market is so versatile.

This is a football betting system that can be used twelve months of the year. It doesn't matter who is playing, as long as the match meets the trading criteria. This makes it a great summer trading tool when Europe's main leagues aren't active.

And Finally

From a personal perspective, the thing I like most about ASP is that - although it is pretty much based on a tried and tested formula - it is a flexible enough football betting system to allow me to adjust it to complement my own trading style.

For example when I first started using ASP I tried to follow it exactly as shown in the videos. In the meantime I have started to trade with a view to making 1% (of betting bank) profit a day.

I have now discovered that I can achieve 1% using ASP and trading out earlier than advised in the videos. It means smaller wins, but it suits my trading plan, and it also lessens the risks of losing trades.

If you started off with £100.00, and made 1% a day, you would have over £3000.00 after 12 months. If you have a larger betting bank you can start off with more. So double that to £200.00, for 6 grand in a year. Or times it by 10 (£1000.00 bank, over £30,000 profit in a year), etc.

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