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A popular football betting market is Double Chance Betting, but just what type of bet is it? Below we take a look.

What Is Double Chance Betting?

Double Chance football betting is a bet on two outcomes in the match result (90 minutes) market.

Generally the odds on double chance betting would be very short. This is because you are backing two outcomes in the same match.

It is a very popular bet with Premier League matches, and from around the top league of Europe.

In Double Chance Football Betting, there are only three possible outcomes.....

  • - Home Team/Away Team
  • - Home Team/Draw
  • - Away Team/Draw
Double Chance Football Betting Example

Double Chance Betting Examples

So for example, Liverpool are playing at home to Man City. You can't see Man City winning, but you also aren't sure whether Liverpool will win, or whether it will be a draw.

In this instance you would back Home Team/Draw in the double chance market. That way if Liverpool win, or the match is a draw, your bet wins.

The only outcome that you could lose on, is if Man City win.

Obviously it would be at much shorter odds (than an outright bet on one team or the other to win.

But sometimes this can be a brilliant market to bet on if you are adamant that one team won't win.

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Double Chance FAQ

What is Double Chance in Football Betting?

It is a bet on 2 possible outcomes in the same match. You could choose Home Team/Draw for example. You can also look on it as a bet on one outcome not to happen.
ie, you might think the match won't be a draw, so you select home team/away team as your outcome.

How do you play Double Chance?

You play Double Chance by selecting one of the 3 options.
#Home Team/Away Team
#Home Team/Draw
#Away Team/Draw

Does Double Chance include penalties?

The bet includes penalties scored in regulation time. In other words its a 90 minutes bet. If the home side wins 2-0 with two penalties, and you've selected home team/draw in your bet, your bet would win.

If it was a cup competition, and you selected home side/away side, and the match was a draw, and then the home side won on penalties, you would lose. The result at the end of 90 minutes is what determines the outcome. And in this example, it was a draw.