World Cup Betting

The biggest tournament in football is the FIFA World Cup, and here we look ahead to the 2026 World Cup in Canada/Mexico/USA, and bring you the latest odds on this huge football betting event.

Picking a winner can look like a lottery, but history suggests this not to be the case. In total there is only a small pool of previous winning countries.

So far, there have been 22 World Cups, and only eight different countries have won it. They are Brazil (5), Italy (4), West Germany/Germany (4), Argentina (3), France (2), Uruguay (2), England (1), and Spain (1).

Of those eight previous winners, two of the countries have only won it once (Spain and England). Meaning the other wins have been shared between the other six nations, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Italy, France, and West Germany/Germany.

World Cup Betting

2026 World Cup Betting

The current betting favourites to win the 2026 FIFA World Cup is France. The defeated 2022 finalists are 5/1, just ahead of Brazil at 6/1. England is next at 7/1, with the defending champions, Argentina at 9/1.

2026 World Cup Outright Winner Betting

World Cup New Customer Offers

The World Cup is a major football betting event, and this means that it is going to attract plenty of new customer offers from the bookmakers.

In between competitions and throughout the actual tournament we will bring you all the best new customers offers right here. So bookmark this page, and please check back in the build up to the world cup.

As well as the new customer offers, we will also have betting news on outright winner odds, and we will also be right across the world cup top goalscorer betting market.

World Cup Existing Customer Offers

Existing customer offers are a big part of a bookmakers armoury, and will make up a big part of their world cup promotions. Here we will bring you all the best existing customer promotions.

Popular 2026 World Cup Betting Markets

Top Goal Scorer

The World Cup Top Goalscorer Betting market is obvious, it is the who scores the most goals in the tournament. Check with your individual bookmaker about dead heat rules, as it is a market that sometimes has more than one winner.

Winner/Top Goalscorer Double

The Winner/Top Goal Scorer Double is similar to a scorecast bet, where it is effectively two bets priced up as one. To win this bet you would need to name the world cup winner and who is the top goal scorer, an example of this bet would be France/Kylian Mbappe at 16/1.

You don't have to select a top goal scorer from his own country. For example you could pick Germany to win the world cup, and Neymar (from Brazil) to be top goalscorer. The basis of the bet though, is that there is a strong chance that whoever gets to the final, may well have the top goalscorer in their ranks.

Name The Finalist

The Name The Finalists market is another obvious one. you simply have to name the two teams you think will be in the final. Bet example - Brazil V Argentina final at 10/1.

World Cup Each-Way Betting

Bookmakers generally offer 1/2 the odds for a top 2 finish (get to the final).

World Cup TV Coverage

If you live in the UK, then luckily you can watch all FIFA World Cup matches on terrestrial television. The BBC and ITV share the coverage.

Luckily for us, events such as the world cup are protected under the 'Crown Jewels' system, where it has to be shown on free-to-air TV.

World Cup Free Bets

During a world cup bookies are falling over themselves to offer free bets and all sorts of sign up incentives.

This makes a football world cup the ideal time to open new bookmaker's accounts, and take advantage of these offers.

More often than not, the standard offers will change in the lead up to, and for the duration, a world cup. This is because the bookmakers see it as an ideal time to grab new customers, as it is such a high profile competition.

In the cases of all these offers, please be sure to check the terms and conditions before placing your qualifying bets, as they can vary.

About The FIFA World Cup

The world cup (finals) are held every 4 years, and are competed for by 32 teams. Qualifying is made up from 6 different FIFA continental zones from across the world, Africa, Asia, North and Central America and Caribbean, South America, Oceania, and Europe (UEFA). The tournament lasts for approximately one month.

One popular market that punters bet on, is the outright winner market. This market is generally available to bet on from the minute the previous world cup has finished. So it is effectively a live market for the whole 4 years.

Current Holders

The current holders of the World Cup is Argentina, after their legendary striker Lionel Messi helped his nation secure their third trophy at the 2022 World Cup held in Qatar.

Argentina 2022 World Cup starting XI

World Cup Winners List

  • 1930 - Uruguay
  • 1934 - Italy
  • 1938 - Italy
  • 1950 - Uruguay
  • 1954 - West Germany
  • 1958 - Brazil
  • 1962 - Brazil
  • 1966 - England
  • 1970 - Brazil
  • 1974 - West Germany
  • 1978 - Argentina
  • 1982 - Italy
  • 1986 - Argentina
  • 1990 - West Germany
  • 1994 - Brazil
  • 1998 - France
  • 2002 - Brazil
  • 2006 - Italy
  • 2010 - Spain
  • 2014 - Germany
  • 2018 - France
  • 2022 - Argentina
  • 2026 - TBC

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