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Betting Mastermind Proven Betting System

Welcome to our football betting systems page - here we have put together an assortment of proven betting systems that work, for you to check out.

Proven Betting Systems

These betting systems differ in price and complexity. We like to think there is something here for everyone.

Right, now it's time to take a look at our proven and free online football betting systems in more detail. Below are reviews of the betting systems we use and are prepared to recommend.

Pre Match Trading Football Betting System

Pre Match Trading Football Betting Systems

PMT (as it is also known) is a football betting system that spots misaligned prices on Betfair, allowing you to profit on football matches before a ball is even kicked.

Using specially designed software, PMT can tell if a price is wrong or out of sync from putting all the date into it’s system. It can then tell if Over 2.5 Goals (for example) is too short or too long.

This enables you to place a bet or lay, and be out with profit before the match has even started.

Teams To Back Over 2.5 Goals Football Betting System

Over 2.5 Goals 2022
Teams To Back Over 2.5 Goals

The Teams To Back Over 2.5 Goals betting system has built up a database of teams whose matches have 3 Goals or more in, around 85% to 95% percent of the time.

With this system you will get the list of teams who qualify for this bet. You will also get given a low risk staking plan, and you will also get free upgrades to the system. Upgrades like when a team drops off the Over 2.5 Goals list, or one gets added to it. Relatively cheap at £17.00 + Vat, it's almost worth buying just for the list of teams. If nothing else, it will save you the time you use checking the stats yourself.

Assured Soccer Profits Betting System


This is a football betting system that make money trading the Correct Score market on the Betfair Betting Exchange.

There is an element of risk with Assured Soccer Profits (also known as ASP), and you can have losing trades. The idea is that you will win far more often than you lose, and over the course of time you will make money. It is one for the patient and more disciplined of us.

In-Play Trading Scanner Football Betting System

In-Play Trading Scanner System
In Play Trading Scanner

Never miss placing a bet in-play again with the In-Play Trading scanner. This service is brought to you by the guys behind Pre Match Trading, a reputable bunch of guys.

The In-Play Scanner is stats based software that allows you to watch live statistics in-play, and then place your bet on Betfair without having loads of different screens open simultaneously.

If you have to keep checking back through loads of different websites for your statistics, you might miss a goal. The idea of In-Play Scanner is to avoid doing this, and therefore not be clicking from screen to screen and missing out on a successful in-play bet as a result of this.

More Football Betting Systems

Football Betting Systems

Not all of our recommended football betting systems are too everyone's like, so below we have started to compile a list of further betting systems for you to browse at your leisure.

Please be sure to check these systems out in more details before purchasing.

Betting Systems That Work

As well as football betting systems, we also have a selection of betting systems on other sports, and arbitrage systems. These betting systems makes risk free money from free bets.

By far the best betting system I have come across that works is the Profit Maximiser service.

Using Profit Maximiser you will make profits. It is easy to use (essentially it's matched betting), and there are step by step guides along with video instructions to help you.

Profit Maximiser has a £1 trial (details are below), allowing you too try it for yourself. An in depth guide with more details can be found on our Profit Maximiser Review page.

Profit Maximiser Trial £1 Betting System
Try Profit Maximiser For Just £1.00 Here

Profit Maximiser Trial For Just £1

  • Join Profit Maximiser for 14 days, for just £1 + Vat, here.Profit Maximiser is not betting and doesn't involve risking money, or using any risky staking plans. It is a proven method for making risk free money. 
  • Simply follow the instructions when you join, and you will be well on your way to making your total subscription money by the end of the 14 days.

Football Betting Staking Plan Strategies

If you are using any of the football betting systems above, or any trading systems, it is vitally important to have a reliable staking plan.

Set yourself stop loss targets, and make sure you don't go over them. A stop loss target is a maximum amount of money you are prepared to lose on a football bet or trade. It could be 2% or 5% of betting bank for example.

Never exceed your stop loss amount. There is no point winning 5% of your betting bank for 10 days running, if you are going to lose 30% on the eleventh day. Never ever ever risk all of your betting bank, and bankrupt yourself.

If you ever are using all of your betting bank, make sure you have an exit strategy to ensure you leave with the majority of it. Risking it all will cost you one day!

Having strategies already in place ideal. Keep reading on, below I have laid out a couple of staking plans for you too look at.

free bets to use on football betting systems
New customer offer. Place 5 x £10 or more bets to receive £20 in free bets. Repeat up to 5 times to receive maximum £100 bonus. Min odds 1/2 (1.5). Exchange bets excluded. T&Cs apply. For full terms and conditions, please see the Betfair website for further details.

Trade On Percentages Rather Money

Here at Football Gambler, we suggest maybe working to a percentage of your betting bank. This can help eliminate greed, as you are working to a percentage rather than an amount of money.

So for example, if you have a £100.00 betting bank, then try and make 1% to 2% profit a day. This obviously is only £1 to £2, but if you have a £1000.00 betting bank, that results in £10 to £20 a day, therefore making a huge difference at the end of the week.

Starting off with a betting bank of £1000.00 and making 1% profit a day, you would have well over £20,000 after 12 months. That’s a thought for you to consider.

Working on approximately 30% a month profit and starting with £1000.00, below is an example of how your betting bank could grow. 1% a day would see even greater profits, as you would be making much more than 30% a month.

Starting with £1000.00 at the start of January, and making 30% a month forecast…..

I believe in football trading it is better to take the greed and emotion out of it, where possible. In other words try not to think of it in £'s profit.

Why? Well, the reason is, working in pounds may lead to greed, and greed brings emotion into the equation.

The best way - in my opinion - to take greed, and emotion out of the equation, is to work in percentages (%) instead.

If you make 1% a day, at the end of the year that will add to a substantial amount. 1% a day is upwards of 30% profit a month, which equates to an enormous return on investment (return on investment is also known as ROI, if you've seen it on other websites).

Start Low and Aim High

A more conservative trading plan might be 10% a month, or 15% a month. It's simply up to the individual.

Using this method is also generally better for your bank management. Unless you are betting on a 1/100 shot (which we certainly don't recommend), using a strategy like the 1% a day target, should mean you are not risking too much of your betting bank.

For example, if you are trying to trade an evens money market on Betfair to extract 1% profit, the chances are that the particular market you are trading won't move too substantially as it is pre kick off.

So for example, if the market moves from 2 (even money) to 1.95, you are 5% down on one side of the trade. Which when you divide the loss across both sides of the trade will work out at a loss of 2.5%.

This isn't going to bankrupt your betting bank, and that is the most important thing of all. As without a betting bank, you can't trade anything.

Football Betting Systems FAQ

Which Betting System is the best?

It's a hard question to answer, as it's not one size fits all. In general, matched betting systems are the most profitable, even in 2022. Here is a list of some of the best matched betting systems -
- Betting Mastermind
- Profit Maximiser
- Profit Accumulator
- OddsMonkey

What is the best Football Betting system?

Using the 1% a day strategy is in my view the most effective and best football betting strategy. You can adjust this strategy to suit our own betting methods as it's flexible. It's also very low risk as you are basing around a low percentage, meaning you don't need to take massive risks.

Is there a Proven Football Betting system?

It's impossible for there to be a perfect football betting system, but following mathematical and data driven methods can make for profitable football betting systems.

We have put together a list of proven and free online football betting systems here. Some, like my 1% a day strategy are free, and some are paid, and matched betting is proven to work.


It is vital that you read up on all of the information on the relevant betting system websites. We endear to keep all of the information as up to date as possible, but some of the terms and conditions on these systems will change at short notice, so it is important you are sure of what it is you are signing up to before you start using any of these service.