Betting Mastermind Review

Betting Mastermind is the complete set of all of Mike Cruickshank’s money making tools in one place, and here we review the product on the whole.

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What Is Betting Mastermind?

Over the years Mike Cruickshank has put together various packages of mainly matched betting products, and sold them at various different times, and for differing prices.

He started off with Bonus Bagging, before developing Profit Maximser. He then developed different strategies for different sports and created Accumulator Generator for football accumulators, and Each-Way Sniper for Horse Racing, etc.

When Acca Insurance offers were the big deal, Accumulator Generator was ideal. Now the bookmakers have moved the goalposts, Accumulator Generator is less relevant than it once was. It’s still relevant, just not as much so.

As a result of betting systems falling in and out of fashion, their relevance can vary from year to year. So instead of pushing one system one year, and then another system the next year, Mike seems to have decided to put them all into one large pot and sell them as one gigantic money making system.

Purchasing Betting Mastermind as a one off product, is far cheaper than it would have been had you purchased all these products individually over the years. So from that perspective, it makes sense. I dare say it means a lot less admin for Mike Cruickshank as well. So it’s a win, win situation.

So what exactly do we get with Betting Mastermind? Below we’ve put together a table of contents of all the products you get with Betting Mastermind.

Bonus Bagging

The ideal matched betting tool for new matched bettors!! If you’re just starting out on your matched betting journey, Bonus Bagging is the ideal product to get you up and running.

There is over 30 bookmakers offers to cash in, and it is simple to use. The ideal toe in the water for newbie matched bettors.

Profit Maximiser

The unfair advantage for the punter that shows you how to make risk free profits every day!

Matched Betting Software

This software finds your arb bets for you, saving you hours and hours of trawling the net.

Each Way Sniper

A sneaky method of leveraging money out of the Each-Way betting market in horse racing.

Accumulator Generator

Showing you how to make money from football accumulators, whether your accas win or lose.

EV Maximiser

One for the more experienced matched bettors, EV Maximiser shows you how to cash out the higher risk casino offers.

Betfair Sniper

This system focuses on finding value on the Betfair betting exchange.

Betfair Renegade

This system is purely for football on Betfair. It shows you what the odds should be, allowing you to place your bets, and then wait for them to profit.

Bookie Blowout

Picks out over priced horses, allowing you to back them, and then lay them off prior to the race for risk free profits.

Betfair 1% Club

Another football product based on the betting exchange, you’ll be amazed how much you can make from 1% profit over a period of time.

Project Prosperity Training System

Simple 5-step training system showing you how to get mind-blowing results from the Betting Mastermind system in one hour per day or less.

Betfair Matched Bettors Exploit

Matched Bettors Exploit will show to take advantage of value opportunities on Betfair created by Matched Bettors who will lay at any price.

Accumulator Booster System

Combing value selections in an accumulators to double your edge over the bookmaker & explode your profit! You’ve not seen anything like this before.

Dutching Bounty

A brand new dutching method that removes most of the risk giving you a free shot at a medium to large win.

Golden Parachute Method

A classic method for locking in profits with a brand new twist! This has been overlooked by every other so-called “insider” because they can’t get it right … I’ve cracked the code, and I’m going to let you in on the secret!

Notifications System

Monitors all the software on the Mastermind websites and gives real time notifications when any good value opportunites arise. You don’t need to be sat there monitoring 10+ pieces of software. The notication system does that for you!

Get Each Way Sniper, the Betfair 1% Club, Profit Maximiser, Accumulator Generator and all of the Betting Mastermind Products Here

Learn how to make money from Betting Systems

Betting Mastermind Conclusion

You don’t even have to like all of the products listed in our Betting Mastermind review, a selection of them will be all you need to start profiting.

Some of the 16 listed products do seem a bit gimmicky, and aren’t necessarily actual products. For example, the Project Prosperity Training System and Notifications System aren’t really products, and just seem to be there as window dressing.

That said, there are enough products here to keep you profiting for the foreseeable future. A good matched betting system usually sets you back around £120.00 to £150.00, a year, depending on which one you buy.

Profit Maximiser (part of this package) costs a total of £116.40 (inclusive of VAT) on it’s own, so when you put that into perspective, for a bit more outlay, you are getting far far better value for money.

So with so many products available under the Betting Mastermind umbrella, I can only say that it is pretty good value at the price.

Betting Mastermind Review FAQ

Below we have put together a list of frequently asked questions for our betting mastermind review. Please feel free to get in touch if you feel there is anything we have missed out.

How Much Does Betting Mastermind Cost?

The cost of Betting Mastermind is £180+Vat – which is £216 in total. When you consider that Profit Maximiser alone costs £97+Vat (£116.40 in total), you can see that this product represents good value.

Is There A Monthly Payment Options With Betting Mastermind?

There is no monthly subscription offer like you get from OddsMonkey, etc, but there is a second purchase option, which is 4 instalments of £58.80 (£49+£9.80Vat), across 4 months.

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