Betting Mastermind Review


Welcome to our update 2024 Betting Mastermind Review, where we take an in depth look at Mike Cruickshank's latest matched betting system.

Betting Mastermind is the complete set of all of Mike Cruickshank's money making tools in one place.

Betting Mastermind

Here we review his service also known as Project Prosperity and all the 13 betting systems that are included in the package.

What Is Betting Mastermind?

Over the years Mike Cruickshank has put together various packages of mainly matched betting products, and sold them at various different times, and for differing prices.

He started off with Bonus Bagging, before developing Profit Maximser.

He then developed different strategies for different sports.

For example, we seen Accumulator Generator for football accumulators, and Each-Way Sniper for Horse Racing, etc.

In order to fight back against matched betting, the bookmakers are always moving the goalposts.

As a result, some of the systems on the Betting Mastermind portfolio have become less relevant, such as Accumulator Generator.

While some have become more relevant, such as Each-Way Sniper, and Profit Maximiser.

So instead of selling each system individually, Mike has decided to put them all into one large pot, and sell them as one gigantic money making system.

Purchasing Betting Mastermind as a one off product is far cheaper than it would have been had you purchased all these products individually over the years.

So from that perspective, it makes sense. I dare say it means a lot less admin for Mike Cruickshank as well. So it's a win, win situation.

What Do I Get With Betting Mastermind?

Betting Mastermind

In total you get 13 betting systems with Betting Mastermind. It is all the systems that Mike Cruickhamnk has created over the years, in one place. They are as follows.....

  1. Bonus Bagging
  2. Profit Maximiser
  3. Matched Betting Software
  4. Each Way Sniper
  5. Accumulator Generator
  6. EV Maximiser
  7. Betfair Sniper
  8. Betfair Renegade
  9. Bookie Blowout
  10. Betfair 1% Club
  11. Dutching Bounty
  12. Golden Parachute Method
  13. Acca Booster System

Bonus Bagging

This is the ideal tool if you are new to matched betting.

It is Mike Cruickshank's original matched betting product, and where the whole journey began.

Bonus Bagging

Simply request a bet and you will get e-mailed with the instructions on how to cash out numerous free bets.

If you're a new starter, go one at a time. It isn't a race, and the bets won't disappear over night.

Profit Maximiser

The jewel in the Betting Mastermind crown.

For slightly more experienced matched bettors, Profit Maximiser shows you how to make risk free money every day of the year.

It can be from football, horse racing, casinos, bingo site or even spread betting - Profit Maximiser is the must have system.

You can purchase Profit Maximiser on it's own if you wish. It is cheaper than the Betting Mastermind package.

Profit Maximiser Price
Purchase Profit Maximiser Here

Matched Betting Software

This is a piece of software that finds you live opportunities for arbs, meaning you don't have to trawl the internet for hours.

Finding arbs is time consuming.

No one wants to spend 3 hours finding a £2.50 arb, but by using a piece of software that brings the arb to you in seconds, you will do it.

Arbs are bets that can’t lose. So for example, let’s say Roger Federer is playing Rafael Nadal at tennis. There could be two bookmakers whose odds are very different, meaning you could place a bet on Roger Federer with one bookmaker, and another bet on Rafael Nadal with the other bookmaker, and be guaranteed to win money (probably not much) no matter who wins.

And all of a sudden all of those £2 to £3 arbs will start to mount up.

There is even an alarm feature that alerts you to any decent value offers that become live while you are off line.

Each Way Sniper

Designed to make money from horse racing, Each Way Sniper is a sneaky way of exploiting the each way market.

This system leverages profit from the bookmaker's each-way pricing. Believe me, it is good.

Accumulator Generator

Originally one of the stand alone products, Accumulator Generator is now part of the Betting Mastermind package.

Accumulator Generator

Its heyday was back when bookmakers used to give refunds as free bets of up to £50 if one leg of your football acca let you down.

These days it's still a handy tool, but sadly the days of £50 refunds are gone....... for now!

EV Maximiser

Mansion Casino Offer

EV stands for 'Expected Value' that you get from casino bonuses.

This is a casino based tool, and is one for the more experienced matched bettors.

EV Maximiser takes into account all the factors involving the casino offers, such as house edge and wagering requirements, and decides what the risk to profit ratio is.

The good part is there are hundreds of offers (from casinos like the one above) to use.

Betfair Sniper

Also based on the horse racing industry, Betfair Sniper shows you how to sneakily extract money from the Betfair Betting Exchange.

This system finds value and tells you when to enter and leave the market.

It even shows you how to spread the profit equally across every horse.

Meaning you win no matter which horse crosses the line first.

Betfair Renegade

The Betfair Renegade system is pretty much the football version of the Betfair Sniper system.

Without over complicating it, or going into massive detail - it's pretty much same system, different sport(s).

Bookie Blowout

This is a system where you get an e-mail telling you which horses are over priced the night before the race.

The trick is to back them high, and lay them low the next days. Not a risk free system though!

Betfair 1% Club

The Betfair 1% Club is pretty self explanatory.

Based on football and the Betfair Betting Exchange, the aim is to make roughly 1 to 2% profit of betting bank a day.

Before you dismiss 1% a day profit, have a look at our article highlighting how quickly 1% profit a day can grow your betting bank.

Also, a quick look at the table below shows how much you can make in a month, simply by making 1% a day (based on a start up betting bank of one thousand pounds).

DayBetting Bank

Dutching Bounty

Another horse racing based system based on the each-way market.

The Dutching Bounty system shows you how to break even when a favourite wins, but profit whenever any other horse wins the race.

Golden Parachute Method

This is a horse racing system based on the Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) offer from the bookmakers.

It looks hard work as it involves Dutching the field, but whenever the odds on a horse drift, the system wins.

Acca Booster System

This system is based bookmaker's enhanced odds accumulators.

This sytem can be used daily, but is best value at weekend's when the majority of matches are being played.

Betting Mastermind Conclusion

You don't have to like all of the products listed on this Betting Mastermind review.

CLICK HERE TO TRY BETTING MASTERMIND. Just using a selection of them will be all you need to start profiting.

Some of the 13 listed products do seem a bit gimmicky, and are repeat products based on different sports. Betfair Sniper, and Betfair Renegade - are cases in point.

That said, there are enough products here to keep you profiting for the foreseeable future. And the guy behind the product, Mike Cruickshank, is a pretty respected character in the world of matched betting.

A good matched betting system usually sets you back around £120.00 to £150.00, a year, depending on which one you buy.

Profit Maximiser (part of this package) costs a total of £116.40 (inclusive of VAT) on it's own.

So when you put that into perspective, for a bit more outlay, you are getting far, far better value for money.

Why pay £116.40 for Profit Maximiser, when you can buy Betting Mastermind (Profit Maximiser + 12 other systems) for £216.00? It makes little sense.

With so many products available under the Betting Mastermind umbrella, I can only say that the product is pretty good value at the price.

How Much Does Betting Mastermind Cost?

The cost of Betting Mastermind is £180+Vat – which is £216 in total. When you consider that Profit Maximiser alone costs £97+Vat (£116.40 in total), you can see that this product represents good value.

If you purchase Betting Mastermind using the links on our review, you will make a one-off payment of £216.00, and will only pay a £40 admin charge to renew your membership every year thereafter.

Betting Mastermind Money Back Guarantee

There are two things I would always recommend to anybody when buying any betting system or service.

  1. Is it a reputable system? This is fairly easy to do. Just google the system, and the person or company behind the system. You will soon come across enough information to make an informed decision. Yes, there will always be someone moaning who isn't happy, but don't pay great attention to that. Look more for common themes in complaints. For example, numerous people complaining about customer service.
  2. Is there a money back guarantee? In a lot of respects, if the answer to number 1 is Yes, the chances are it will have a money back guarantee. Always check this out first.

With Betting Mastermind, there is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, and it's backed up by the Clickbank Guarantee.

Clickbank is the platform used to sell Betting Mastermind, and to get your products listed on Clickbank, you have to be genuine and reliable.

The Clickbank Guarantee is like a second layer of security. If for whatever reason a vendor wasn't honouring a money back guarantee, you will have the option to take it up with Clickbank.

To get your money back with Betting Mastermind, you simply have to email Betting Masterming and ask, within the 30 days after you purchased. That's it!

Betting Mastermind Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee

Betting Mastermind Vs OddsMonkey

Another of the more popular matched betting products is OddsMonkey.

But how does the OddsMonkey service measure up against Betting Mastermind - our review takes a look!

Starting with cost, and both systems have two different payment options.

As you can see below, OddsMonkey has a monthly option, and an annual option.

While Betting Mastermind has a one off payment, or you can pay for it across 4 instalments.


  • £19.99 a Month or £150.00 for 12 months

Betting Mastermind

  • £216.00 for lifetime membership - or 4 payments of £58.80 (£235.20)
  • £40 annual admin fee

Now let's compare the price of the two products assuming you want them both for 1 year.

If you purchase OddsMonkey on the 12 months option (one off payment of £150), it would be cheaper.

If you purchase OddsMonkey on the monthly option (12×£19.99), it would cost £239.88 - more than the cost of Betting Mastermind on either purchase options (£216 one off payment - or £235.20 for the 4 instalments option).

Two years of OddsMonkey would cost £479.76 if paid for on the monthly option.

While to buy OddsMonkey on the annual option for 2 years, it would cost a total of £300.00.

To purchase Betting Mastermind for two years it would cost either £256 (one off payment of £216 + £40 admin charge for second year) or £275.20 (£235.20 instalments charge + £40 admin for the second year).

OddsMonkey is more comparable to Profit Maximiser, than Betting Mastermind

I personally believe that OddsMonkey is more comparable with Profit Maximiser, than it is with Betting Mastermind - our review goes someway to highlighting this.

Why? Well because Profit Maximiser is a stand alone matched betting system, like OddsMonkey is.

Both products are matched betting. They both essentially do the same job.

There are only subtle differences between the two.

Layout of website is different, and there are different purchase options as well.

But on the whole, both are matched betting.

Comparing Betting Mastermind with OddsMonkey, is a totally different kettle of fish.

OddsMonkey is more like Profit Maximiser. That is a 50/50 call, they both do the same.

Betting Mastermind is Profit Maximiser + 12 other betting systems. There really is no comparison!

Betting Mastermind or Profit Maximiser?

Searchers on Google ofter use the search phrase Profit Maximiser Mastermind, when they are searching for either of these products.

Although this is the wrong search phrase, it will still get you what you are after.

Our Profit Maximiser Review has all the information you need to know about the search phrase Profit Maximiser Mastermind.

Betting Mastermind Review FAQ

Below we have put together a list of frequently asked questions for our betting mastermind review.

Please feel free to get in touch if you feel there is anything we have missed out.

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