Teams To Back Over 2.5 Goals System

Our look at the teams to back whose matches have over 2.5 goals scored in them has all the information you need about the betting system.

We look at what it is, how much it costs, and is it value for money.

What Is The Teams To Back Over 2.5 Goals Betting System?

The Teams To Back Over 2.5 Goals System is a 2017 re-launch of the previously successful Teams Whose Matches Have Over 1.5 Goals System.

The system broadly works the same way, with the exception of one obvious difference.

At just £17.00 + Vat, it is a relatively cheap system, and for this small outlay you will get a very low risk betting strategy.

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Teams To Back Over 2.5 Goals

For your £17.00 + Vat (£20.40 in total), you will get the PDF full list of teams (currently 33), whose matches regularly have 3 goals (Over 2.5 Goals) or more in them.

With the list you also get the staking plan, and any future updates for free. It is a low risk strategy, that just involves backing Over 2.5 Goals.

Once you have your list, all you have to do is check when the teams are playing next, and that their matches fall within the criteria (ie, if one of the teams listed is Liverpool, and they are playing Man Utd, this particular Liverpool match might not meet the criteria, but in general Liverpool do), and then follow the staking plan you get when you purchase the system.

The real worked involved with this football betting system is compiling the list of teams.

It currently stands at 33, but this will change over time, with teams added to the list, and teams leaving the list (usually when Jose takes over and brings his fleet of busses).

For your initial £17 outlay, you will get all future updates and revisions of the system for free.

Compiling the list is where the real work is, and basically is what you are paying for.

Creating the list involves hours of pouring over stats and collating them together. And then working out the staking plan that best works to gain an advantage over the bookmakers.

Nearly all of the work is done for you. The cost of this system is basically the cost of your weekly accumulator bet, and for this amount you get the list of teams, and the staking plan to follow.

Over 2.5 Goals betting has more potential than Over 1.5 Goals

It is also an upgrade on the Over 1.5 Goals system previously used.

It goes without saying that the odds on Over 2.5 Goals is always higher than the odds on Over 1.5 Goals.

So it stands to reason that we are going to generate a better return on investment if the odds are better, and the win percentage remains the same.