In-Play Scanner

In-Play Scanner is a trading tool brought to you by the same guys who are behind Pre Match Trading. The is a tool that is devised to mainly help you trade football on a betting exchange (it can be used for betting in-play in general as well), without the need of having numerous different windows open on your browser.

In Play Trading Scanner
Try In- Play Scanner Here For £20 For 2 Weeks

In-Play Scanner has all the match statistics and a direct link to the Betfair site to place a bet on the match you are following immediately. This means you can check the stats, see which team is on top, etc, and place your bet all in one place. It is a football betting aid, as opposed to a betting system. If you want a system, check out our page on football betting systems.

How Much Does In-Play Scanner Cost?

The service is fairly cheap to purchase with 4 different packages, ranging from 2 weeks, to a 6 month package. The costs are as follows……

  • £20.00 – Two weeks
  • £39.00 – One month
  • £106.00 – Three months
  • £191.00 – Six months

If you are thinking about giving it a go, then I would recommend the 2 weeks package, as this is just £20.00. That way if you decide it’s not for you, then you have only spent 20 quid on it. When you sign up, payments are recurring. But you can cancel at any time.

A Reliable Source

If you’ve been gambling on, or trading football, over the last few years, then chances are you will have heard of Pre Match Trading. Well as In-Play Scanner comes from the same guys, you know you are purchasing from a reputable source.

Betfair Exchange Link
Betfair Exchange

The guys at Pre Match Trading have a proven track record, they are not ‘here today, gone tomorrow‘, merchants. These guys have been on the scene for years, and are showing no signs of letting up with their services.

Pre Match Trading is a service that has software that spots misaligned prices on the Betfair Betting Exchange pre kick-off, allowing you to trade the market before the masses get there, and have made a nice profit before a ball is even kicked. Our Pre Match Trading Review has more details.