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You're just arrived at the free football betting tips page for Football Gambler.

On this page you find Football Gamblers tips and latest online match predictions, along with a whole lot more.

Free Football Betting Tips

What Leagues does Football Gambler provide Football Betting Tips on Today?

Here we provide you with the best free football betting tips today for popular leagues, cups, and tournaments from across the globes.

Leagues, cup and competitions you will find tips for include the following :-

We understand that you want more than just someone predicting who will the match on Saturday though.

Which is why we offer tips and predictions on more than just 90 minutes match betting.

Free Football Betting Tips Today

Over/Under 2.5 Goals Tips and Predictions

  • The over/under 2.5 goals market is extremely popular. You can use this market for single bets, football trading, and even accumulators.
  • Sometimes it hard to predict who might win a match. But it might be easier to predict goals.
  • For example, if you have two reasonably matched sides meeting each other, and you can see it finishing 2-1, one way or the other - a bet on over 2.5 goals would make more sense.
  • Statistics can also play a huge part in the over/under 2.5 goals market. Some teams matches may nearly always have under 2.5 goals, while some may nearly always have over. Using these statistics can help us make our match predictions.

Anytime Goalscorer Tips and Predictions

  • This can be another statistic based bet, although I personally don't like using them in this market.
  • Just because Marcus Rashford scored against Liverpool two seasons running, doesn't tell me he will score against them this Saturday.
  • Where I would use statistics in the bet, is to tell me how many goals Marcus Rashford has scored recently, as that is a far more relevant stat.
  • We will share with you our thoughts and insights into who we think might score, and why. Sometimes it may be a hunch, and sometimes it will be based on stats.

Handicap Betting

  • When a team from the top end of the league is playing a smaller team struggling at the bottom. the odds are generally no value at all.
  • For example, Man City Vs Burnley (sorry to any Burnley fans out there) would see odds offered on Man City that would make City way too short for us to tip, or to back.
  • In these instances, we would look at the odds for Manchester City to win at -1, or -2. It could be that we expect City to win 3 or 4-0, and Man City are 5/6 at -2 start.

CAUTION - Please only treat our football betting tips as a bit of fun. To help you stay safe, follow the below guidelines....

  • Don't get carried away.
  • Never bet after or while taking alcohol
  • Strictly, only gamble what you can afford
  • Never chase losses
  • If you think gambling is a problem, seek help

Think of it like you would the lottery, you just have a few quid a week on it, and that's it! The price of a couple of pints is enough.

Below we have more frequently asked questions on football betting.....

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