Rolling Accumulator Strategy

There are variations to the Rolling Accumulator Strategy, but it is essentially a system that involves placing a series of single bets, where you use the winnings from the previous bets, to put on the next bet.

Usually, when you place your football accumulator bet, you will pick five teams (for example) to win, put your tenner on it, and sit back and hope it wins.

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Where the rolling accumulator differs is, you would pick matches that kick off at different times, and place your money on them individually. The idea is that at some point you can take some profits out of your ‘rolling accumulator’ so that if one team loses, the whole bet doesn’t go down.

If you start off by using money from a bookmakers free bet, the idea is that it becomes a risk free way of making money.

So a typical example of a rolling accumulator would be to start off by placing a tenner on a Friday night match. Then you place the winnings on a Saturday lunch time kick off, you then move onto a Saturday 3pm fixture, then the late Saturday fixture (usually 5.30pm), then maybe a Spanish match on Saturday night, and so on and so on.

Where the rolling accumulator variations come in, is that some people will only put the profit on the next match. So for example, if you placed a tenner on the Friday night fixture at odds of 6/4, you would get back £25.00. of that £25.00, you would only put £15.00 of it onto the Saturday lunch time fixture, this ensures you keep your tenner.

After that it is up to you. If your second bet wins at even money, you would then have £30.00 (as you only put £15.00 on it), you could then put all the £30.00 on the next match, or you might put just £15.00 onto it, etc.

Another variation to the bet is, rather than taking out your initial £10.00 stake, you might take out 20% of the returns of every bet, therefore you would be gradually accumulating profits all the time you are winning.

The only real rule to the Rolling Accumulator is you have to wait for one match to finish (unless you use the cash out option) before you move onto the next one. Apart from that, there are no real hard fast rules to stick to, and you can tweak the system to suit your betting methods.

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It’s from systems like the Rolling Accumulator, and acca insurance offers, that the Accumulator Generator system was devised.

Accumulator Generator is a football betting system that pretty much is guaranteed not to lose. The reason why, is because it places risk free bets, and try’s to activate the free bets on acca insurance offers.

Taking the method of picking matches that kick off at different times, Accumulator Generator places accumulator bets with bookmakers, and then lays the matches individually on a betting exchange to ensure you don’t lose your stake money.

It then hopes to trigger a free bet (usually of £25.00 or £50.00, depending on bookmaker) using the acca insurance offer, which guarantees you a profit. If you don’t get the free bet, you should break even (maybe lose a pound or two), as you have layed your matches on a betting exchange to ensure you don’t lose your £25.00 or £50.00 stake money.