Fans Exciting for Football Competitions in 2021

2021 should be filled with excitement when talking about football. Two major competitions are coming our way, the Champions League and the delayed EURO's.

COVID-19 pandemics disrupted all the plans for this year, for both the fans and the clubs. That is why everyone anxiously awaits next summer.

After the restart of the activities, we saw enormous attention for everything this sport brings, especially in the betting area. People wanted to gamble on all sorts of stuff, and we had some research on things like red cards, corners, or even penalties. OLBG sports betting community made that one, and you can check it out here.

The Champions League 2019/20 campaign ended. Bayern Munich are the new European champions, after defeating PSG in the finals.

The Bavarians fully deserved the title, showing fantastic football, and scoring more than four goals a game throughout the competition. Europa League also saw one dominant side, and that is Sevilla, who won the competition for the 6th time in its history.

With Hansi Flick in charge, Bayern evolved from a team that struggled, to the most dominant machinery in the last few decades. All that after he replaced Niko Kovac.

Many are wondering can they maintain this level of play, and defend the title next year? They have a few players whose age might be a problem, but overall, the leaders are in their prime. Plus, Leroy Sane is coming to town, and a few more top quality signings are likely to follow.

The 2021 Football Season looks set to be exciting, with Munich favourites to win the Champions League

Right now, the Bavarians are the No.1 favourite to win the title next season, with the odds set at 11/2 for that.

Manchester City is next at 15/2, and Liverpool comes third at 8/1. Paris Saint Germain is 11/1. Juve 12/1, Real Madrid 14/1, and Barcelona 16/1, and these teams are the top echelon of candidates for the European title. You have more odds provided, with all sorts of betting offers, analysis, and promotions.

What also raises the attention of the fans across Europe, besides the Champions League battles in 2021, is the EURO tournament. Its format is unique, because of all the venues across the continent. But not just for that, as according to the experts, this is going to be the most interesting competition in a while, with several teams aiming for the crown.

We have three nations tied at the top spot in the favorites list - England, Belgium, and France. All of them are at 5/1. Of course, England has a slight edge over the other two sides because both semifinal matches and the final one take place on their soil.

Germany at 7/1 comes next, and the Netherlands at 15/2 is just behind. Spain is 8/1, and Italy 11/1. Oddsmakers don't believe in Cristiano Ronaldo and his Portugal side, who are now 16/1.

Even though they are the reigning European Champions and UEFA Nations League champion's, Portugal faces a lot of doubt. The majority see them as an old team, whose peak is long gone. While a few notice that they might be the most experienced crew of all in this tournament. Plus they have Cristiano Ronaldo.

Can Ronaldo be the top scorer in his last Euros?

He is the second favourite to win the European Championships Golden Boot. Only Tottenham's Harry Kane has more chance according to the bookmakers.

The Englishman is 6/1, while Ronaldo stands at 9/1. Behind these two guys comes fantastic Romelu Lukaku, who is 12/1. Kylian Mbappe is 14/1, and the European Golden Boot for this season, Ciro Immobile is 17/1, along with Memphis Depay.

Ronaldo's odds to be the Best Player of the EURO are also high. He, Paul Pogba and Eden Hazard are tied at 25/1, that's sixth in the betting. Kevin de Bruyne is the leading contender at 8/1, Mbappe follows the Belgian at 9/1, and Antoine Griezmann comes next at 14/1.

It seems that even though he didn't have a good season in Barca, bookies believe in Griezmann when playing in the French national team. Harry Kane, to become the best player, is 16/1, and Virgil Van Dijk 20/1.

All in all, the 2021 year is filled with excitement when it comes to football. Don't forget that there is an Olympic tournament coming up, and that is interesting as well. Not only for watching, but betting too.

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