Profit Maximiser Member Makes Half A Million Pounds

The Profit Maximiser service continues to go from strength to strength, and now a member looks to have landed a cool half a million pounds.

I've mentioned it on here before about just how good I believe Mike Cruickshank's Profit Maximiser service to be.

And if further proof were needed, another member of the Profit Maximiser group has just managed to win over half a million pounds, using a Casino promotion on Betfair.

This Profit Maximiser member managed to hit the jackpot while playing through an offer.

Obviously that isn't going to happen all the time, but when you put it along side the members who have landed over one hundred grand, and the members who have made over ten grand, you start to form a picture of just what can be achieved using the Profit Maximiser service.

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Profit Maximiser

The following screenshot is the email I got informing me of the win. It also includes a few of the offers available on Saturday.

Half A Million Pounds Profit Maximiser E-mail

Prof Email

This win came as a result of doing the daily calendar offers. The calendar offers are ones added every day to the website, and are usually only available on that particular day.

These daily offers are on top of the 100 plus sign up offers already waiting to be cashed in when you join. These pre loaded offers also allow you to pay for the service in the first week to ten days.

As you can see today's offers include bingo offers, and a virtual offer from Betfred. There are also plenty of football betting and horse racing offers.

The football betting offers are place a bet on the match, and get a free bet. While the horse race offers rely on free bet refunds on live Channel 4 races.

The bingo offers are where the real potential lies. These offers are like the casino ones, where you can hit jackpots (or big wins) while playing risk free.

If you are cashing in all of these offers every day, while trying to work your way through the 100 plus already pre loaded offers I mentioned, it will take you a lot of time.

The rewards can be great though. For more information or to join Profit Maximiser, please click here.

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