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I started betting on football many years back for a bit of fun. Over the years this has evolved from just having a couple of quid on the fixed odds, to having a few hundred quid on single outcomes. These days I am driven by the belief that a living, or a semi-living can be made from football betting.

The success or non success of making a semi-living/living from football betting obviously depends on a lot of things, not least discipline, but I do believe that if I can combine all what I’ve learned (usually the hard way) over the years and stick to a disciplined plan, then creating a decent income out of football betting isn’t the unachievable dream I’ve believed it too be for many years now.

If you are serious about football betting, one very important thing I’ve learned along the way is to have a proper plan. By this, I don’t just mean a staking plan. I mean an actual long term plan of how you intend to bet.

If you just go into football betting with the view that you will have a bet when you feel like it and have a blase attitude towards betting, you will very likely lose. On the other hand, if you are intending on betting with pennies for a bit of fun, this attitude will be fine.

When I (allegedly) started to take my football betting more serious, I had no structure to it at all. Every Saturday I would just sit down at my PC and see what the day threw at me, and then wonder why more often than not I was down at the end of that day.

It soon dawned on me that I needed to find a way of betting or trading that I was comfortable with. I needed to have some structure to my gambling, to try and treat it more seriously. I also needed to do basic things like manage my betting bank better.

I also realized if I had any chance of achieving this, I needed to eliminate my weaknesses as best I could.

For example a few years back when ‘laying the draw’ was the main craze, I thought I would have a go at it. I soon realised that I didn’t have the required discipline to trade out of a 0-0 on the 70 minute mark. So I ditched using that method and tried something else.

I didn’t know what would work for me, but it became obvious very quickly that this method didn’t work for me. This is an example of what I mean when I say I needed to eliminate my weaknesses.

I have since learned that there are more ways to make money from football betting than just thinking you have to put your cash on Team A to beat Team B.

There are various ways you can bet or trade. You can trade the Correct Score market, or the Overs/Unders markets, or make some money from placing bets pre kick off (currently what I do).

There are also various trading systems you can follow, such as Assured Soccer Profits or Betfair Trading Expert, just to name a couple.

I do believe that sometimes I/we can over complicate football betting. It can be simplified into having an opinion that Team A will beat Team B, and as long as you have a staking plan to follow – and follow that staking plan, then I believe money can be made from betting like this.

I’m not sure I have the discipline to do this, but I will be starting a trial of this soon. In this trial I will pick a team or a bet to win, once or twice a week, and then have a bet in line with my staking plan, and see how it gets on over a number of weeks. I will publish bets pre kick off, and obviously my subsequent results.

At the moment the pre match trading is going well for me, so I will be sticking to that and trying to hone my technique there. By this I mean adopting a list of do’s and don’ts to follow, such as which markets to get involved with, and the best times to enter the trade, and when not to enter a trade, etc. A more finely tuned exit strategy from a trade that’s going wrong is something I need to sort out as well.

I am far from the finished article and I believe I still have a lot to learn. But I do know that I have come a long way over the last 9-12 months. I no longer bottom out my account and I have a strategy and more trading ideas up my sleeve.

I am also a lot more patient than I used to be. I find working in percentages helps me (as opposed to money), this especially helps with pre kick off trading as I’m only looking to win around 0.5%-1% (currently about £1.40-£2.80).

In isolation £1.40-£2.80 seems a pittance to win. So I go with percentages instead, thinking long term with a view that 1% of £2000.00 is a lot more money. And if I can win something like ten to fifteen 1%’s a week, I won’t go wrong in the long run.

I don’t believe that with time and patience, this can’t be achieved.

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