What Is A Parlay Bet?

A Parlay is basically another name for an accumulator or a combo bet. It is a North American betting term, that is little used in the United Kingdom.

You are more likely to come across this term on the internet, but don’t be put off by it, because it is nothint complicated, it is simply an accumulator, as eluded too above. More information about accumulators can be found on our What Is A Football Accumulator page.

A selection of bookmakers offering Parlay/Accumulator bets are……

If you are doing football accumulator/parlay bets, then it is important to shop around for better value. These days there are various offers from bookmakers on accumulator/parlay bets, they vary from the William Hill money back if you miss by one offer, you can open a new William Hill account here and claim their free bet in the process.

Paddy Power offer a 20% bonus on all winning accumulators on top UK matches with a minimum of five teams included in it. You can open a new Paddy Power account here.

As you can see, there is no real reason for not having a bonus of some sort on your football parlay bet these days. If you just place parlay/accumulator bets that simply win or lose, and offer you nothing extra, you are short changing yourself.

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