Acca Insurance

Acca Insurance is an offer from the bookmakers, where you can get a free bet to the same value if one leg of your football accumulator bet lets you down.

It means that instead of just having the win or lose option, you now have three options. Win, lose, or money back as a free bet.

acca insurance

Dejected because your acca bet lost? Fear not, as all might not be lost thanks to Acca Insurance

If your bookmaker doesn’t offer you some sort of promotion on your Saturday afternoon accumulator bet, then stop using them.

There are now loads of bookies either paying extra money on winning accas, or giving refunds as free bets if one leg of your accumulator bet lets you down.

Acca Insurance Offer

  • Search Around For The Best Offers

    Like with everything in betting, it is important to shop around and look for the best offers on acca insurance.

    It is no different to searching around for the best casino offers, the best football betting systems, or all the different bookmakers for the best odds on a team you think will win a particular football match. Search around – apathy will get you nowhere!

    What Is Acca Insurance?

    Acca Insurance is a refund in the form of a free bet if one leg of your acca bet loses. This offer is also referred to as money back if you miss by one.

    This offer is a very popular retention tactic used by bookmakers, due to the popularity of Saturday afternoon football accumulators, and how much money the bookies make from these types of football bets.

    How Acca Insurance Works

    As mentioned above, acca insurance is an offer that sees you get your money back as a free bet if your acca misses by one.

    There are plenty of variations of acca insurance, but that is the basic principle of the promotion.

    It is an offer that is open to both new and existing customers. It is basically an offer the bookies have designed to try and keep us placing our Saturday afternoon acca bets with them. The bookies are fighting over our football betting custom.

    There is a general minimum bet requirement to qualify for the acca insurance free bet. The amount of teams you need in your acca is generally a minimum of 4 teams, although it can vary from one bookmaker to another.

    Free Bet Refunds

    There is also a maximum amount of the free bets refunds you can get, the highest I currently am aware of is £20.00 with Sportingbet.

    Generally the amounts vary, but it is mainly a minimum of £5.00 to a maximum of £20.00, which is a fair amount.

    The real good old days of refunds up to £25.00 and £50.00, unfortunately, seem to be long gone.

    Qualifying Leagues And Competitions

    There can also be restrictions on which leagues you can use for this offer. By and large though, the bookies are generally the same on this.

    The leagues you can use are generally the main ones, such as the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundersliga, Ligue A.

    This ensures you can use teams like Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Dortmund, PSG, Real Madrid, Barcelona, etc, all the usual suspects in your acca bets.

    It can also be used on competitions like the Champions League, Europa League, World Cup and European Championships.

    Acca Insurance Examples

    Bet 1
    • You place £10.00 on a 5-fold bet on Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Southampton and West Ham to all win.
    • Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal win. Southampton and West Ham both lose.
    • The bet is a loser and you get no acca insurance, as two teams let you down.
    Bet 2
    • You place £10.00 on a 5-fold bet on Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Southampton and West Ham to all win.
    • Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal and Southampton win, but West Ham lose.
    • The bet is a loser, but you get your £10.00 back as a free bet as only one team (West Ham) let you down.
    Bet 3
    • You place £10.00 on a 5-fold bet on Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Southampton and West Ham to all win.
    • Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal and West Ham win, but Southampton only draw.
    • The bet is a loser, but you get your £10.00 back as a free bet as only one team (Southampton) let you down.

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