Moaning Foster lucky to be in England squad

Ben Foster expressed his disappointment with the goalkeeping situation at Old Trafford with comments he made after playing for England in Saturday's 1-0 defeat to Brazil.

Ben Foster
Foster concedes again for Manchester United

Ben Foster Has Had Plenty To Say Lately

Foster said "I'm third choice for United yet I'm playing for my country. It's very disheartening not even to be on the bench, but I can't go saying 'I want to leave' or anything like that."

The fact is that Ben Foster had an extended run of games at the start of the season. He had a glorious opportunity to prove to Alex Ferguson that he he is the natural successor to Edwin Van der Sar, but he blew it.

He also went on to say "I thought I started off well but then there was a period of two or three games where I made a few mistakes, but they were the only ones I made really and I was disappointed to find myself out of the team." I assume he might be referring to the Man City and Sunderland games.

Err, not sure about that Ben. What about the mistake that cost United the Charity Shield at the start of the season. Or Arshavin's goal from 30 yards out, that he pushed into the roof of the net at Old Trafford in August.

Shaky Foster Is Costing United Points

The fact of the matter is that Foster looked anything but secure and more than played his part in making the Man United back line look unsure. It is also blatantly obvious that the back four lack confidence in him.

It was no surprise to see Van der Sar back in the team as soon as he was fit. The only surprise was that Ferguson didn't throw Tomasz Kuszczak in while he waited for the Dutchman to return, such was the performances of Foster.

Foster's remark - "that he is playing for his country" - can be easily explained as well. He's only there as we have no one else. There is currently a shortage of reliable goalkeepers in this country. Foster is one of the few who is fit and available at the moment. He's certainly not there on merit, that's for sure.

Ben Foster Simply Hasn't Improved At Old Trafford

Foster is 26 now and should be coming into his prime. He arrived at Manchester United in 2005 as an exciting prospect, but has so far failed to kick on and improve.

During a season long loan at Watford shortly after signing for United, he didn't exactly set the world on fire there. He did manage to join that elite club of conceding from the opposite goalkeeper in his time there though.

With David James injured, Rob Green far from convincing, you have only Foster, Robinson, Hart or Kirkland as alternatives to pick from really.

If James doesn't make South Africa, England are really struggling. Joe Hart looks promising but is he ready to go to the World Cup? Foster, Green and Robinson all are error prone, and Kirkland probably has too many fitness issues for Capello's liking.

There is a massive chance there for Ben Foster with the weakness in the goalkeeping position. It is up to him to prove us wrong and show he up to the task.

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