Looney toon caper continues

The Looney Toon capers continue as Newcastle United once again are the gift that seems to keep on giving.

The news Mike Ashley was going to sell the naming rights to St James' Park made me shake my head and laugh. I could already hear all those Geordie fans shouting at their TV's and radio's at this latest apparent act of betrayal.

Looney Toon Fans Need A Reality Check

I then heard a disgruntled Newcastle fan on a radio station claiming that all the Geordie's don't shop at Sportsdirect.com as it is a down market shop not good enough for them. Personally I found this remark small minded and stupid considering since Newcastle were relegated, this shop has helped bankroll the club.

Here was a loyal Newcastle fan refusing to shop in the place that funds his club. The kind of loyal supporter that got Newcastle relegated by forcing the owner to stupidly sack Sam Allardyce, and then last season employ a TV pundit with a rather large ego and - as Joey Barton pointed out - not a clue how to manage a football team, to try and keep them up. Who needs loyal fans like that?

When later in the day I heard that the Mecca of football - in the eyes of those small minded people too good to part with money in the shop currently bankrolling their club - was to be renamed sportsdirect@St James' Park Stadium, couldn't help but wonder was Mike Ashley deliberately trying to annoy the fans? Or was this just a practical business decision.

Is Renaming The Ground A Deliberate Attempt To Annoy Fans

Not only has he pissed them off by daring to rename their beloved ground. He has then now rubbed their noses in it by using his sportsdirect brand as the naming sponsor for the rest of the season.

Surely Newcastle fans should be happy to be incorperating a successful multi-million pound business into the name of their ground? The players wages have to be paid somehow, or would they rather the club to go into administration instead?

By the way, where is the money coming from to pay hero Kevin Keegan off?

It's time to wake up and live in the real world. Newcastle United have a large wage bill, and a large cash hole to fill since getting relegated. If selling the naming rights keeps the squad together and gets you promoted would it really be that bad?

This is a typical case of football fans wanting it both ways. They expect success but don't want to know about the difficult decisions needing to be taken to fund it.

Slagging off Mike Ashley is not going to get you promoted or pay the wage bill. The man is funding the deficit created by your well planned relegation last season. Surely it's time to get off the blokes back and work with him, rather than against him. He is trying to get back in the Premier League.

After all if he pulls the plug where will Newcastle be? Remember all those loyal Geordie business men were not interested in buying their beloved club when it was up for sale.

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