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Football Betting Predictions

Football Betting Predictions: Welcome to our free football betting tips page. Here we have our free tips on markets like over 2.5 goals, over 3.5 goals, and match betting predictions.

Please remember, betting is supposed to only be a bit of fun. Only risk what you can afford to lose, and gamble responsibly. Good Luck!

Over 2.5 Goals Tips

Saturday 14th December

3pm – Sheffield United V Aston Villa – 3/4 with Betfair
5.30pm – Southampton V West Ham – 8/13 with Betvictor

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correct score trading
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We will predominantly be covering the Premier League, Champions League, and international football, to start with. Hopefully over time our team of tipsters and writers will expand, and we will be able to cover more leagues, in different countries.

All our predictions are free, and we sincerely hope and intend to keep it this way.

Premier League Free Tips

The Premier League is one of the biggest football leagues in the world, and as such, generates a lot of betting interest. Most of the predictions on this site are based on the Premier League.

We tend to concentrate on Match Winner (90 mins betting) bets, but we do stray into Match Result and Over/Unders, when tipping. Handicap betting is another popular bet, and can greatly boost short priced teams such as Manchester City, etc.

Premier League Predictions and Tips
Who will win the Premier League this season?

Premier League Website

Champions League Free Tips

The Champions League is a major betting event with the world’s top internationals competing. Stars like M’Bappe, Ronaldo and Messi, etc, all regularly appear in the Champions League.

It is arguably the highest standard of football, with plenty saying it is better that the international game. This is because all the world’s best players take part in the Champions League. Portugal’s Ronaldo has won the Champions League 5 times. Once with Manchester United, and four times with Real Madrid.

Watch the latest Premier League goals and highlights right here…….

UEFA Champions League Website

International Football Betting

The international scene is varying and can at times be a bit of a minefield when it comes to tipping.

With large breaks between fixtures, form can be very hard to gauge. At the same time though, you do get fixtures you could nearly bet your house on, given the certainty of the outcome.

There is also plenty of variation in the types of fixtures. You get finals, such as the FIFA World Cup, and UEFA European Championships. You have qualifying matches for these tournaments. And then you can also have friendlies, which are probably best left alone.

The problem with friendlies is that manager’s can experiment. Numerous substitutions can also be a feature. Here we firmly believe it is better advised to only tip, or bet on a match, that has something riding on it.

over under 0.5 goals meaning
New customer offer. Place 5 x £10 or more bets to receive £20 in free bets. Repeat up to 5 times to receive maximum £100 bonus. Min odds 1/2 (1.5). Exchange bets excluded. T&Cs apply. For full terms and conditions, please see the Betfair website for further details.

World Cup Predictions and Free Tips

The FIFA World Cup finals takes place every 4 years, with the next competition in Qatar in 2022. During the competition, we will bring you our regular football betting predictions here.

The competition is usually a straight shoot out between Europe, and South America. Europe has come out on top lately, winning the previous 3 world cups.

France won the last one back in 2018, Germany in 2014, and Spain back in 2010. Brazil are the most successful side in the history of the competition, winning an impressive 5 world titles.

World Cup Football Betting Predictions
Free Football Betting Tips on FIFA World Cup

Women’s Football Betting Predictions

Women’s football is growing at a rate never seen before, and is now hugely popular. There is now a healthy Women’s Premier League in England, and the FIFA Women’s World Cup is a huge competition.

It will come as no surprise to find that due to the popularity of the game, betting, and predictions, on women’s football is becoming increasingly big business.

The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup takes place in France in June and July 2019, and we will be covering it here. It promises to be an excellent tournament, and we are expecting it to be a popular football betting event.

European Championship Predictions

Copa America Predictions

Africa Cup Of Nations Predictions

International Competitions

FIFA World Cup – The premier football competition in the world, France are the current holders.
UEFA European Championships – Europe’s top international competition, Portugal are the reigning champions from 2016.
Africa Cup of Nations – The continent of Africa battle it out for this prestigious competition every four years.
Copa America – South America’s international football tournament, Chile are the champions.

What We Offer At Football Gambler

  • Football Betting Predictions – here at Football Gambler we offer weekly free football betting predictions on the Premier League.

We also cover the Champions League, World Cup, European Championships, and international qualifiers.

Believe it or not, there are football betting systems that do profit over time. And they aren’t necessarily what or how you would expect.

  • Women’s Football Betting – the women’s game is booming, and here at Football Gambler we see it as an exciting new betting market place.

We will bring you football betting predictions on the Women’s Super League, and Women’s Champions League. And every 4 years, we have the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

  • Spread Betting Explained – ever thought about betting on football – and sports in general –  in a different way? Well, football spread betting could be your alternative, and it works on other sports as well.

We have a spread betting explained page that gives you all the help and advice you need for spread betting. Enabling you to get started with spread betting on the Premier League.

  • Best Football Betting Sites – a good football betting website has to offer more than just odds on weekend matches. So these days good football betting sites have to improvise and work harder to keep existing customers.

This means the best betting sites need to have competitive offers for existing customers. These offers need to include enhanced odds, and money back specials on big matches.

Trade On Percentages Rather Money

We believe in football trading it is better to take the greed and emotion out of it, where possible. In other words try not to think of it in £s profit.

Why? Well, the reason is, working in pounds may lead to greed, and greed brings emotion into the equation.

The best way – in our our opinion – to take greed, and emotion out of the equation, is to work in percentages (%) instead.

If you make 1% a day, at the end of the year that will add to a substantial amount. 1% a day is upwards of 30% profit a month, which equates to an enormous return on investment (return on investment is also known as ROI, if you’ve seen it on other websites).

A more conservative trading plan might be 10% a month, or 15% a month. It’s simply up to the individual.

Using this method is also generally better for your bank management. Unless you are betting on a 1/100 shot (which we certainly don’t recommend), using a strategy like the 1% a day target, should mean you are not risking too much of your betting bank.

For example, if you are trying to trade an evens money market on Betfair to extract 1% profit, the chances are that the particular market you are trading won’t move too substantially as it is pre kick off.

So for example, if the market moves from 2 (even money) to 1.95, you are 5% down on one side of the trade. Which when you divide the loss across both sides of the trade will work out at a loss of 2.5%.

This isn’t going to bankrupt your betting bank, and that is the most important thing of all. As without a betting bank, you can’t trade anything.

30% A Month Profit Projections

Look at the figures below for a rough guide to what you could make if you profit by around 30% a month, for a whole year. This is based on starting in January, with a £1000.00 betting bank.

£1300.00 Jan
£1690.00 Feb
£2197.00 Mar
£2856.00 Apr
£3712.00 May
£4825.00 June
£6272.00 July
£8153.00 Aug
£10,598.00 Sept
£13,777.00 Oct
£17,910.00 Nov
£23,283.00 Dec

Profiting at 30% of betting bank a month is making far less profit than 1% a day does. You don’t need to start with £1000.00, you can start with as little as you want.

Working on the above theory, you would turn £100.00 into over £2,300 a year profit, with little risk. I can’t think of too many bank accounts paying that much interest.

Like with any trading strategy though, you need to be patient and disciplined. If you work losing days into the equation, your profits will be lower than the above figures.

But even if you are 10 or 20 down on the above figures, you will still be in a hugely profitable situation.

The key point is too not get carried away if you have a losing day. And don’t get greedy thinking about how much you can win. Remember, stick to percentages.

If you follow the plan, the percentages will work out the pounds sterling for you.

1% A Day Profit Results

Below is a chart showing you how much you can make in a month, using the 1% a day equation. Again, starting with £1000.00 at the start of the month.

1 – £1010.00
2 – £1020.10
3 – £1030.30
4 – £1040.60
5 – £1051.00
6 – £1061.51
7 – £1072.12
8 – £1082.84
9 – £1093.66
10 – £1104.59
11 – £1115.63
12 – £1126.78
13 – £1138.04
14 – £1149.42
15 – £1160.91
16 – £1172.51
17 – £1184.23
18 – £1196.07
19 – £1208.03
20 – £1220.11
21 – £1232.31
22 – £1244.63
23 – £1257.07
24 – £1269.64
25 – £1282.33
26 – £1295.15
27 – £1308.10
28 – £1321.18
29 – £1334.39
30 – £1347.73

So as you can see, using 1% a day works out better than 30% a month. Albeit, not by much – just £47.73. Essentially, they are both pretty much the same though. It’s probably more a case of finding out what works for you best.

1% a day is a very easy equation to work out, and you know exactly where you are on a daily basis. While using the 30% a month formula rounds things up, but you might find yourself half way through the month wondering if you are on target.

This page is written, updated, and maintained by Dean Etheridge, of and – you can check out more of my work at my Quora profile, on my Medium account, and you can contact me directly via LinkedIn.

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