Three Strategy Games that can Improve your Sports Betting

It is vitally important to find a strategy to help you with your sports or football betting.

People who bet on sports on a regular basis know it is much more than gambling. We deploy a wide range of strategies and systems that help to give us the best chance of success.

If you want to become a wiser sports bettor, it would be a good idea to learn some of the strategies that people use in other games such as poker and roulette.

This is because these same mechanics and approaches can be used when betting on sports.

Find A Strategy To Improve Your Sports Betting

Before even beginning to think about systems, a wise gambler will set some rules to adhere to. Think of your own rules and make sure you stick to them.

If you stick to your rules then you will never find yourself in too much trouble. These rules can be applied to whatever game you are playing, whether it is poker, blackjack, or betting on the horses or football.

A lot of careful consideration needs to go into your betting model as well.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the ways in which other games can be played, and find out how to apply these techniques to sports betting.


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As far as games of skills go, roulette is pretty low on the list. But that doesn’t mean to say that there aren’t particular ways in which roulette players can give themselves an advantage.

There are many different tried-and-tested systems out there for the roulette wheel that could also be applied to sports betting.

Take the James Bond system as an example.

When using this system, players spread their bets around in a way that tilts the advantage in their favour. If playing with 200 chips, the player would spread 140 chips across high numbers (19-36), 50 chips on six numbers (13-18), and 10 chips on zero.

Then if a high number comes out, the player receives 80 chips on top of what they put in, if one of 13-18 comes out the player gets 100 chips more than they staked, and if zero comes out the player receives 160 chips more than their bet.

If a number comes out between 1 and 12 then this is a losing bet.

However, if the player keeps doubling their bets after losing rounds using the Martingale Strategy, they have a chance of regaining their losses. It’s easy to see how a system like this one could be applied in sports betting.

Players would just have to look at the odds of horses in a race. For example, spread their money on a few different contenders, and increase their bets after a loss.


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Poker is a game of incomplete information. One of the main reasons why poker certainly is a game of skill – it is actually a mind sport according to the International Mind Sports Association – is knowing what to do at the right times.

Poker rules state that players have to check, bet, or fold their hand on the first round after the deal.

Players need to be able to work out what their odds on making a winning hand are based on what they are initially holding, then what cards come out on the table, and what hands their opponents could potentially make.

One of the reasons why the same players sit at the final tables of the planet’s biggest tournaments year in, year out, is that these players have an intricate knowledge of their statistical odds.

They don’t often gamble, when they know the odds are stacked against them. Which is a skill in itself.

A lot of amateur poker players will play with their heart rather than their head. They may believe that a certain hand is “lucky” and bet on it. Even though the chances of that hand winning are very slim.

A sports bettor would do well to heed this advice. When betting on sports, no matter how much you believe in something, use your head.

Don’t bet on make-believe outcomes just because it is what you want to happen. Don’t rely on luck because it sooner or later will let you down.

Football Manager

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Another game that could help with sports betting is Sports Interactive’s famous simulation video game Football Manager.

A comprehensive understanding of this game would put you at a distinct advantage when betting on football.

The game is so realistic, it's rumoured that managers in real life are actually using statistics from the games to help them scout players.

If you master the most recent version of the game, and learn all the different players and how they could potentially progress, it could give you some insight into who you should bet on to score goals and keep clean sheets in the real world.

On top of that, it can also help you to think more strategically. Which will ultimately help with your betting in general. Not to mention managing your actual bankroll.

The examples above have shown how a couple of very important philosophies can be applied to sports betting.

One is to look at the proven systems, stick to the system you choose and it just might work itself out in the long run.

Secondly, use your head. Just like poker players are experts in their field, a good sports bettor must be an expert in theirs. Do a lot of research and be sensible.

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