Hated Gary Neville Retires

The news headline 'Gary Neville retires from football' has certainly got the juices of fans on both sides of the debate flowing.

I have been amazed at the outburst of hatred aimed in the direction of Gary Neville, since he announced his immediate retirement on Wednesday.

Yes, he wasn't the most popular player, I get that. But the level of venom directed at him has been staggering.

Criticism has flowed in for Gary Neville since he announced his retirement from football

All the phone in shows on Sky Sports and the Radio have seen him slaughtered by fans. Admitted, from fans mainly from Man City, Arsenal and his own personal favourite club, Liverpool.

Personally I have no real opinion on Neville. I don't particularly like him, but then again I don't dislike him.

The headline 'Gary Neville Retires From Football' had no impact on me at all. I didn't feel the need to phone a radio station, while getting hot under the collar. Or on the flip side, I wasn't crying into my pillow either.

Gary Neville was a Committed Football Professional

My view on Gary Neville is that he was a hard working committed decent pro who did a brilliant job for Manchester United, and a decent enough job for England.

He was a model pro off the field as well, he was never a problem for Alex Ferguson and was never on the front pages of the papers for all the wrong reasons.

If my memory serves me right, he also didn't bother with agents, choosing to negotiate his own contracts through the PFA. Probably part of the reason why he got the 'Shop Steward' tag.

Amongst all the fall out since the announcement, I have heard a whole host of words used describe Neville, words such as - committed, professional, honest, dirty, loyal, limited ability, etc.

Committed and professional? yes. Honest? I think yes again.

Dirty? He could certainly dish it out. I did hear a thickhead whinging Arsenal fan saying on the radio that the Gunners fans hated GN because he kicked Jose Antonio Reyes out of English football.

No he didn't, Reyes couldn't handle English football because he wasn't tough enough, it wasn't Neville's fault. Wenger got it wrong signing him. That's all there is too it.

Was Gary Neville Loyal?

It might sound stupid to ask that of a one club man, but look at it practically.

Yes, the facts are that he was a one club man, but where else could he have gone? Barca or Real Madrid were never going to come in for him, so why would he leave?

He could never have done better than staying where he did. Loyalty to United was certainly no great sacrifice on Neville's part.

Limited Ability? A tough one, he never looked the most comfortable on the ball, but if he wasn't good enough then surely playing for United and England would have found him out.

It would also be fair to say that had he come through the ranks at Burnley or Oldham, I doubt that Fergie would have been banging the door down to sign him.

Beckham partnership was vital to Neville

Gary Neville and David Beckham
Neville and Beckham celebrating while playing for Man Utd

Another thing that helped him was forming a great partnership with David Beckham. If there was a shortage of right backs in the country at the time, having a great understanding with the England wide man was certainly never going to do you any harm.

Since Retirement

Since retiring from football, Gary Neville has gone onto become a club owner at Salford City, and a successful football pundit on Sky Sports.

Neville has also worked on ITV's World Cup coverage, and is an established and respected name in the football industry.

He is also very polished and opinionated on his social media platforms such as Twitter, where he is never afraid to share his views.

We won't mention his coaching career!

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