How did Jack Wilshere do for England?

I have heard a lot of negative feed back on the radio (Talksport again) about the full debut of Jack Wilshere against Denmark on Wednesday this week.

Personally I thought he did ok, he didn’t set the world alight, but then I didn’t expect him too as he’s only a young man still learning his trade.

I’m also not convinced that the holding role Capello is talking about will be Wilshere’s best position. When I have seen him in the past for Arsenal he has always struck me as more of a constructive player than a spoiler.

Also, at the moment, his tackling reminds me more of Paul Scholes.

I’m also not sure what some football fans and journalists expected of him on Wednesday, some of the criticism aimed at him has been unbelievable. He isn’t the new Pele or Maradona for god sake.

At the moment I see Wilshere as someone who is comfortable on the ball and looks after it (trait’s generally not too familiar with English players), he dosen’t try to hit the 50 yard killer balls, or just lump it forward, he looks after it and retains it. That is probably why he is getting criticised, the mentality of some fans I’ve seen at England games in the past is to just ‘get it forward.’

While we have this mentality we will never be any good. We need good players like Wilshere who will keep the ball, not people who just hoof it up the field and run around like headless chickens.

For me it was a good debut, not convinced he is in the right roll yet, but a good steady prospect for the future who will only get better.

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