Hated Gary Neville Retires

I have been amazed at the outburst of hatred aimed in the direction of Gary Neville since he announced his immeadiate retirement on Wednesday.

All the phone in shows on Sky Sports and the Radio have seen him slaughtered by fans from mainly Man City, Arsenal and his own favourite club, Liverpool.

Personally I have no real opinion on Neville. I don’t particularly like him, but then again I don’t dislike him. I just thought of him as a hard working committed decent pro who did a brilliant job for Manchester United and a decent enough job for England.

He was a model pro off the field as well, he was never a problem for Alex Ferguson and was never on the front pages of the papers for all the wrong reasons.

If my memory serves me right, he also didn’t bother with agents, choosing to negotiate his own contracts through the PFA. Probably part of the reason why he got the ‘Shop Steward’ tag.

Amongst all the criticism I have heard, I have also heard a whole host of words used describe him such as – committed, professional, honest, dirty, loyal, limited ability, etc.

Committed and professional? yes. Honest? I think yes again.

Dirty? He could certainly dish it out. I did hear a thickhead whinging Arsenal fan saying on the radio that the Gunners fans hated GN because he kicked Jose Antonio Reyes out of English football. No he didn’t, Reyes couldn’t handle English football because he wasn’t tough enough, it wasn’t Neville’s fault. Wenger got it wrong, so get over it.

Loyal, I’m not so sure. Yes, he was a one club man, but where else could he have gone? Barca or Real Madrid were never going to come in for him, so why would he leave? He could never have done better than staying where he did. Loyalty to United was certainly no great sacrifice on Neville’s part.

Limited Ability? A tough one, he never looked the most comfortable on the ball, but if he wasn’t good enough then surely playing for United and England would have found him out.

It would also be fair to say that had he come through the ranks at Burnley or Oldham, I doubt that Fergie would have been banging the door down to sign him.

Another thing that helped him was forming a great partnership with David Beckham. If there was a shortage of right backs in the country at the time, having a great understanding with the England wide man was certainly never going to do you any harm.

Gary Neville a ‘boot licker’ and a ‘moron’

Just what is it with Gary Neville?

For a senior pro who should know better he dosen’t half get involved in some stupid incidents. I’m sure both the FA and Greater Manchester Police are delighted with his latest contribution in the art of trying to blow the lid off a potential tinder box.

Does Neville think sucking up to Ferguson in this manner will get him a new contract?

Not to say that Carlos Tevez isn’t playing his part in proceedings. He didn’t really need to go on Argentine radio and say what he did. Surely a dignified silence, letting his football do the talking (which it did) would have been the better option.

Instead the Police and the FA are bracing themselves for what was already a potentially explosive encounter on Wednesday night, with the intensity further cranked up due to the actions of these pair of idiots.

At least an element of common sense has emerged with Roberto Mancini telling Tevez to put an end to it, Alex Ferguson carried out his usual services to the ‘good of football on the whole’ by opting to not give a shit.

Gary Neville Idiot

Looking at the bigger picture from Neville’s point of view. Was it really that wise to wind up Tevez in this manner on the eve of a big match?

Will the fans thank him for this? I doubt it.

He was warned about his future conduct as recently as last September over the way he celebrated in the league game against City, and was also guilty of a similar incident in 2006 in front of Liverpool fans.

One thing he does have in common with his manager, is that both seem to be immune from FA punishment.