Mike Cruickshank Products

Mike Cruickshank is the man behind Bonus Bagging and Profit Maximser, products with a proven record of making lots of money for punters.

I’ve personally been a subscriber to his services for years, and I have to say I have found the ones I use to be excellent value. On this page we will be looking at the virtues of three products, Profit Maximiser, Bonus Bagging and Accumulator Generator (the most relevant to a football betting website).

Starting with by far the best product I have come across from Mike Cruickshank, which is Profit Maximiser.

I’ve always said Profit Maximiser is Bonus Bagging’s big brother. It is a far bigger and better version of little bro, with loads more platforms covered (ie, Bingo, Spread Betting, etc, etc), and loads more offers available, and all on a daily basis.

Profit Maximiser costs £97.00 + VAT for the first 12 months. Rather helpfully, you will find that there are enough deals already set up to get you your subscription money back well inside the first month.

There are bookmakers free bets, free casino spins, bingo sign up offers and spread betting offers waiting to be cashed in from the minute you join. All these offers alone will make you the subscription money back, along with a lot of profits.

In fact, there is that many offers, it will take you weeks to work through them all, and all the time you are cashing them in, you are earning more and more risk free cash.

You may ask ‘what happens when I have cashed in all these offers? And that would be a fair question. The answer is that you start working your way through all the new fresh daily offers listed on the Profit Maximiser calender.

Bookmakers, casinos, bingo sites, etc, all have regular offers for existing customers. So even after you have opened an account and cashed in the sign up offer, you can keep making money from the regular existing customer offers.

Direct Link To Profit Maximiser - A Betting System That Works
Profit Maximiser

These offers are listed every day on the Profit Maximiser calender. They range from horse racing free bets, to casino free spins, to money back special on football matches, there are that many daily offers across the board that it is literally impossible to run out of things to cash in, and they are all listed on the Profit Maximiser calender to keep you making risk free money.

Our Profit Maximiser Review page goes into more detail about exactly what you get with the service.

And if all that is not enough, there is another thing that makes Profit Maximiser an absolutely brilliant service. It comes with a 30 day ‘No Questions Asked’ money back guarantee. Yes, that’s right, it gives you the chance to test it before you commit to using it.

So basically, you can purchase Profit Maximiser, use it for a month, and then simply request your money back. Now I think I’m not alone when I say that if a man has that much confidence in his product, that he’s prepared to let you use it for a month, and then give you your money back without asking for any explanation, it must be bloody good!!

Well that’s what Mike Cruickshank does with Profit Maximiser, and during that month you won’t fail to make money, and any money you make is yours to keep, which is what makes this such a great product to take a chance on. You can’t lose trying out Profit Maximiser.

The next of Mike Cruickshank’s products is Bonus Bagging. Now I had Bonus Bagging long before big brother Profit Maximiser came along, and it is an okay product.

There are loads of free bets to cash in, there are casino free spins to use (all offers different to Profit Maximiser), and there is also free arbitrage software to help you make risk free money from arbing bets.

Like with Profit Maximiser, the system shows you how to make your subscription money back immediately, and like with Profit Maximiser you get email support if needed.

Bonus Bagging Direct Link
Bonus Bagging

It’s a very cheap product at £27.00, and it’s a one off payment to purchase the service, and that payment ensures you a life membership. Personally, I would recommend putting the twenty seven quid towards buying Profit Maximiser, nearly all of the bookmakers free bets you can cash in with Bonus Bagging are listed down the left hand side of this website.

That side, £27.00 isn’t very much money, and if you are an arbitrager, you will almost certainly get your moneys worth out of Bonus Bagging.

More information about this product can be found on our Bonus Bagging Review page, and if you wish to purchase Bonus Bagging, you can do so through this link.

Accumulator Generator

The final Mike Cruickshank product that we cover on the website is Accumulator Generator. As we are a serious football betting website, Accumulator Generator is a very suitable product, and as I’m sure you’ve already guessed by the name, it’s a product that makes money from football accumulator bets.

To be more specific, Accumulator Generator is a football betting system product that makes money from acca insurance refunds. It costs £149.99 + VAT. If you think that sounds a touch expensive, well the reason is because it makes so much money.

Acca insurance is a huge business now, and it looks like it is here to stay. There are adverts for it everywhere, on the tele, the radio, newspapers, online, etc.

Bookmaker retention offers are now big business (acca insurance is a bookie retention offer). The bookies have finally accepted that they can no longer take a punter’s business for granted, so they have to give us little carrots to keep us gambling with them, and one such carrot they dangle in front of us is acca insurance.

A quick look at our acca insurance page will give you an indication of just how many bookmakers offer this existing customers promotion. Basically, nearly all bookmakers offer acca insurance, and the ones who don’t, generally will offer you an enhanced payout on top of your winning acca bet.

How acca insurance works, is that if you have a 5-fold/team acca bet, and one leg lets you down, you get your money back as a free bet. There are subtle variations on how the offer works. For example, some bookies give you your money back on a 4-fold/team acca bet, and the amounts of the refunds vary from £25.00 to £50.00.

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Accumulator Generator

The refunds come in the form of a free bet, and Mike Cruickshank – as he normally does – quickly spotted an opportunity to exploit these offers. Who wouldn’t want a £50.00 free bet? I certainly like them.

What Accumulator Generator does, is show you how to get these £25.00 and/or £50.00 free bets, and then how to cash the free bets in.

Mike has even devised a way of placing your acca bet in a way that means the more matches you pick that lose, the more money you make. It is absolutely remarkable, the worst result is actually the acca winning, as you only brake even (which is worse case scenario on this technique).

There are three basic strategies with Accumulator Generator. All strategies come with training videos for you to watch, which basically walk you through the whole process, meaning anybody (even if you have no real acca betting experience) can work this system.

You also get access to the Bet Finder and Acca Matcher software which helps you select your acca bets, and there is a calculator to show you how much to back and lay on your acca bets.

And the final thing to report on this excellent system? Yes, just like Profit Maximiser, you get a 30 days (no questions asked) money back guarantee. So yet again, you can give the system a go for a month, and at the end of the month simply ask for your money back, and keep all the money you made trying out the system.

Direct Link To Accumulator Generator Free Trial
Accumulator Generator Money Back Guarantee

Yet again, I get the impression that Mike doesn’t think too many people will want their money back when they see just how much money can be earned using this products.

These are the three Mike Cruickshank products we promote on this website. We do so, because they are seriously good products. If any more Mike Cruickshank products come online, we will road test them ourselves, and if they are good enough will immediately add them to this page.