Premier League Top Goalscorer Betting

Top goalscorer betting is a very popular Premier League Betting market, and it is a bet on who scores the most goals in a Premier League season. It doesn’t include goals scored in the FA Cup, Champions League, etc, etc, just from the 38 league matches played over the course of a season.

Whoever scores the most goals, is declared the winner of the bet. The top goalscorer market can also be referred to as Golden Boot Betting.

Premier League Top Goalscorer Betting

Please be aware that these markets are generally taken down whilst Premier League matches are in progress. Each-way betting is generally 1/4 of the odds on a top 4 finish, this can vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, and will change as the season progresses, so please check with your individual bookie before placing any bets.

2017/18 Top Goalscorer Candidates

The main candidates in the 2017/18 Premier League season are Tottenham’s Harry Kane, Man Utd’s Romelu Lukaku, Sergio Aguero and Gabriel Jesus, both of Manchester City, Chelsea’s Alvaro Morata, and Arsenal’s Alexandre Lacazette.

The race to be Premier League Top Scorer looks set to be fought about between this group, and with the top 6 clubs becoming more and more dominant, don’t be surprised if one of these manages to get 30 goals or more this season, it may well take an amount like that to claim the Golden Boot.