Football Trading

Football trading or football betting? Is there a difference, and if yes, then what is the difference?

football index
It is now possible to trade football players like in the stock market, with football index

I believe there is a difference. I also believe that there are many different variations of football trading.

For example I trade using a pre match trading method of my own. I have previously, and am again going to be trading using the Assured Soccer Profits football trading system as well.

I've also known of others (and have tried it at times myself) who have traded by laying the draw. Or have traded the Over/Under 2.5 goals market in running, or Over/Under 3.5 goals, etc.

What Is The Difference Between Trading And Betting?

The main difference between football trading and football betting in my view is with trading you have an exit point.

A particular point that once you hit it, you cut your losses and walk away. Football traders may also take out insurance, or hedge their bets more. They won't break their bank (or at least they shouldn't).

Betting is more a case of just putting your money on a team or an outcome and hoping it wins. Speculative betting, or backing an accumulator, etc. These is far more risk involved.

Obviously you can still lose money trading, but it will be a pre determined amount that you won't go beyond.

Without wishing to contradict myself, I suppose you could have a disciplined trading strategy for betting for football betting as well. Where you allow yourself a certain amount to bet on certain criteria, ie, 5% of betting bank on Even money shots.

I suppose this could be classed as disciplined football betting, as opposed to mug punting (something else I unfortunately have qualifications in).

I used to trade football in a number of (indisciplined) different ways. Sometimes I would back Over 1.5 or 2.5 goals in a 0-0 game at a point where one goal would see a massive swing in the price. If the goal came along (which invariably it didn't), I would trade out.

Give A Football Trading System A Proper Chance To Succeed Or Fail

When the goal didn't come I would take a hit. I'm not sure if there was any mileage in that method as I never really executed it in a disciplined manner. I never had the patience to wait for the right matches, and never kept any records.

I've also traded the AUQ score in games that involve sides like Manchester United, Barcelona or Real Madrid.

In these instances I believe I probably picked the right matches to trade, but I probably didn't wait until the right point of the match to get involved. Instead choosing to get involved way too early and with no pre designed entry point to the trade.

As I am writing this post about football trading it is becoming clear to me that you can bet or trade, but there are key components you must have. And those components are to have a plan, very good discipline, and plenty of patience. Without these I think any would be trader is doomed to fail.

For my own part I am going to continue to trade online using my own methods. My own variation of pre match trading is showing good potential and I am making a small amount every week. I've never had a run of winning weeks that ran into double figures. This is a variation of football trading I am planning on sticking with.

ir As well as finding you football betting systems, here at football gambler we also aim to find football trading systems.

These trading systems can be used pre match, and in-play. Here are the best football trading systems I have found, along with my honest opinions on them.

Football Trading Systems

Make Money Betting On Football With Pre Match Trading Results
Howto make money betting on football with Pre Match Trading

Assured Soccer Profits

Assured Soccer Profits (or ASP, as it is also known) trades the correct score marker on the Betfair Betting Exchange. There is a lot of different scores available to back and lay on the Betfair correct score market, and ASP is basically a system that works on the probability of a match not ending 0-0, or being high scoring.

It is a long term betting system that makes small percentage profits, on a lot of football matches. You will lose occasionally, but in the long term you do record a profit (if you follow the manual properly).

Being an ASP member, you get a full manual to download, tutorial videos to help you get started. There is also plenty of videos showing how to react to different scenarios, being as no two football matches are ever the same.

ASP is more for the meticulous football gambler. The guy or girl who is prepared to be patient and slowly build. It is purely trading, and you will have to be prepared to trade out for scratch on occasions.

If you like out and out gambling, then Assured Soccer Profits won't suit you.

Pre Match Trading

Pre Match Trading is exactly what it says on the tin. Being a member of Pre Match Trading, you can profit from football matches before a ball is even kicked.

PMT (as it is also known) members have access to software that spots misaligned prices, or gaps in the market, on football matches traded on the Betfair Betting Exchange.

You simply click on the match you want to check the odds on (on the Pre Match Trading website), and it brings up all the odds on that match for you and spots gaps in the market.

It tells you if a price in a particular market is wrong. This then allows you to place a back or lay bet, and profit before a ball is kicked.

There is a regular member's email sent out highlighting some of these misaligned prices. Obviously every member is getting these same e-mails, and they are hard to profit from. What I do is I try and look for my own.

Yes, this takes time, but it can be profitable. After all, we all know you don't generally get anything given too you if you don't put the work in.

If you're prepared to search through the software for your own opportunities, you will profit from this. If you just sit back and wait for the emails, you probably won't have much joy.

In-Play Scanner

Ran by the same people who brought you Pre Match Trading, the In-Play Trading Scanner is basically a football betting help tool, as opposed to a football betting system.

It is designed for football betting punters who like to bet in-play. Hence the name, and what it does is offers you all the details you need, on one page.

In Play Trading Scanner
Try In- Play Scanner Here For £20 For 2 Weeks

If you are attempting to follow a football match that is not being shown live on TV (or the Internet), then you know how frustrating this can be. You need to rely on a stats website, that informs you about possession, shots on target, corners, etc, and you then have to keep going back to your Betfair (or bookmakers screen) to see what the odds are in-running.

What In-Play scanner does, is has all the stats on the same page that has the Betfair odds on it. Allowing you to click on the odds and place your bet, at the optimum moment, ensuring you the best price.

In my opinion it is a bit of a luxury tool, and is for bigger gamblers. If you only have a few quid a week on football betting, there is little point in paying for this. If you are a big hitter, who likes to be across everything before hitting the 'confirm' button, then In-Play Scanner might be worth a look.