What Is Acca Insurance?

With the new football season almost upon us, we thought it is a good time to take a look at what is acca insurance? How it works, and why it is important to make sure your bookmaker offers it.

If you follow or watch football on TV, you will surely have heard of acca insurance, the adverts are everywhere. The problem is, that no one clearly explains what it is, and there are so many different variations of it.

To keep it short, we are just going to look at what acca insurance is in this post, and why it is important to use the offer. If you want more details about which bookmakers offer it, or examples of acca insurance, our acca insurance help page will give you far more information.

What Is Acca Insurance?

Acca Insurance is basically a money back offer on a football accumulator bet. This offer is also known as money back if you miss by one, which is basically the ideal description of the offer.

So for example, if you pick 5 teams to win on your Saturday acca bet, and 4 teams win, with just one letting you down, you would get your money back as a free bet.

There is always a minimum amount of teams you need to put in your acca bet to qualify for acca insurance. It is usually a minimum of 5 teams, although there is the odd bookmaker who offer it for 4 teams.

You do get differing variations of acca insurance from time to time as bookmakers look to gain an advantage. Coral once had Super Acca Insurance, that involved money back as a free bet if 2 teams lost in an 8 or 9 team acca bet, and there was also a 3 team bet refund option.

Some bookmakers offer refunds up to a maximum of £25.00, while some offer money back as a free bet up to a maximum of £50.00. The free bets generally have to be used within 7 days, although it can vary from bookie to bookie.

Also, certain bookmakers don't offer acca insurance in their shops, they can be online only, so again, check this out before placing your bet if you are using a high street bookie.

It Is Important To Use A Bookmaker Offering Acca Insurance

If you have twenty quid on an acca bet every Saturday afternoon, that is a lot of money when you add it up over the course of a season. The best part of 35 to 40 weeks of £20.00 a week adds up.

I know a lad who does this. He walks into his bookmakers every week, fills out his coupon, and then moans on a Saturday night that 1 team let him down. He usually has 8 or 9 teams in his acca every week, and he doesn't have acca insurance.

If just 1 team let him down just 5 times over the course of a football season, he would have had £100.00 in free bets to have used. I have pointed this out to him, but he prefers to not take the acca insurance option.

The bookmakers love punters like him, he loses over and over again, and takes nothing out of the bookies.

It is a case of being a bit more shrewd. We all enjoy a bet, but just try and make sure you get a 3rd option on your acca bet. Instead of simply having 2 options, win or lose, you can now have 3 options, win, lose, or money back.

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