Premier League Spread Betting

Spread Betting on the Premier League is an excellent alternative way to betting on football. It is generally for big hitters, the leading Spread Betting firm is Sporting Index

You can have spread bets on individual football matches, and you can also have season long bets. Long terms markets include –

  • Premier League Points
  • Premier League Outright Index
  • Premier League Relegation Index
  • Premier League Match Bets
  • Premier League Individual Player Goals
  • Premier League Golden Boot Index
Premier League Spread Betting
Premier League Spread Betting Markets

How Spread Betting Works

With spread betting, you can pick your own stakes, which means you have control of how much you can win or lose. A general rule of thumb is you can win or lose points. You can Buy or Sell, depending on whether you think the spread will finish higher or lower.

Spread Betting Offers For New Customers
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So for example, if the spread on Manchester United League Points is Sell at 75, or Buy at 77, that means that Sporting Index thinks United’s points will be between 75 and 77.

If you think United are rubbish and will only get around 60 points, you would choose to Sell at 75. If you are right, and United only get 60 points, you will have won 15 points. If you had sold at £10.00 a point, you would win a nice £150.00.

If on the other hand, you were wrong, and United got 92 points, you would lose 17 points (92-75 = 17). At £10.00 a point, that would be a lose of £170.00.

The nature of the spread betting means if you win, you can win big, but you can also lose big if you get it wrong. You can choose how much you decide to Buy or Sell a point at, that’s up to yourself. It’s like everything else in betting, you only risk what you can afford to lose.