Premier League Spread Betting

Premier League Spread Betting is an excellent football betting alternative. You need to be careful though, as it can be lucrative if you get it right, but extremely costly if you get things wrong.

Sporting Index New Customer Offer

New clients get £100 (non-withdrawable) to bet with. Keep what you win. Any loses over £100 are your responsibility. Market restrictions and 7 day time limit apply. Account opening subject to suitability checks. Spread betting involves risk. Losses can exceed deposits. T+C’s Apply.

Premier League Spread Betting

It is possible to place spread bets on individual football matches. As well as this, you can also have season long bets. Long terms markets on the Premier League include –

  • Total League Points
  • Premier League Outright Winner Index
  • Relegation Index
  • Individual Match Bets on Premier League Matches
  • Individual Player Goals
  • Golden Boot Winner Index

Football Spread Betting Explained

Sporting Index will give you a spread of how they think an event will finish. If you think they are wrong, you have the option to Buy or Sell.

Using the below screenshot, Sporting Index think Man City will get between 90 to 91.5 points in the Premier League this season (yes, I know you can’t get 91.5 points).

Spread Betting Explained

So if you think City will get less than 90 points, you would sell them at 90. If City then get less than 90 points you win. While if they get more than 90 points, you would lose.

You choose to Buy and Sell at a set amount. So you could choose £1.00 per point, or £10.00 per point. Obviously the more money you use per point, the more you stand to win or lose.

If you chose to Sell City at 90 points, at £1.00 per point, and City only managed 80 points, you would win 10 points, at £1.00 per point (£10.00 profit).

While if City repeat last season’s total and manage 100 points, you would lose 10 points, at £1.00 a point (you lose £10.00). Our Spread Betting Explained page give more details and examples.

The nature of the spread betting means if you win, you can win big, but you can also lose big if you get it wrong. You can choose how much you decide to Buy or Sell a point at, that’s up to yourself.

It’s like everything else in betting, you only risk what you can afford to lose.