Next Manager To Be Sacked Odds

Next manager to be sacked betting is a fast growing betting market, with more and more bookmakers now offering odds on who will be the next manager to get the bullet.

Next Manager To Be Sacked Odds

It only applies to the Premier League, and due to the numerous descriptions that are used these days to sack managers – such as left by mutual consent, put on gardening leave, etc – the market is generally known as the Next Manager To Leave His Position. This covers all the different variations of a manager leaving his job.

The market is settled when a manager leaves his post, or – if no manager leaves his post – at the end of the season. So in the unlikely event that a manager isn’t sacked, the market would be declared finished at the end of the season, meaning all bets were losers, unless you backed ‘no manager to leave his post,’ an option that is not always available.

This ruling applies to the market no matter when it starts. So if a manager is sacked at the end of March with only a few weeks to go until the end of the season, the new market would still only run for a handful of weeks until the end of that season. At this stage of a football season you would want to be having the ‘no manager to leave’ option included in the market, as it has to be a realistic possibility, unlike at the start of a football season.

The market can also be known as the Sack Race, Next Manager To Be Sacked, but they are all essentially Next Premier League Manager To Leave His Position markets.

Due to the nature of this market it is open to foul play, so be ultra careful if betting on it, or trading it on a Betting Exchange. Next manager to be sacked markets are vulnerable to exploitation. When a manager is about to be shown the door, a few people within that club obviously know. A few people within that club might also be very friendly with a media outlet, or a particular journalist etc, and as a result of this, news can leak out.

Bookmakers are obviously going to be very wary of this, and this is why these markets can quite often get pulled. If you are to follow one of these markets, you may notice that they have a habit of disappearing overnight.

These days there is generally always a next manager betting market on Betfair‘s Betting Exchange. This market is unmanaged and is only taken down when a manager is sacked, or leaves his position. You can open a Betfair account here, getting access to both their Sportsbook and Betting Exchange.

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