Getting Started With World Cup 2022 Betting

Every four years football fans get enthralled as it’s time for one of the greatest sporting events. The immense popularity of the World Cup is not surprising, considering its viewership, unpredictable action, and star-studded global teams.

The FIFA World Cup gathers 32 teams who will try to reach immortality by lifting aloft the coveted trophy. More than five billion fans globally follow the event and many more venture into World Cup 2022 betting. Stay tuned to become fully informed about the upcoming championship.

World Cup 2022 Dates and Venue

For the first time, the event is hosted in Qatar. As another first, and largely down to the hot summers in the Middle East, this year’s World Cup will be scheduled to take place from November 20 to December 18 when the weather in Qatar is much cooler.

World Cup 2022 Groupings

Before getting into details of World Cup 2022 odds, betting markets and strategies, you must know the groupings of this season. The groups were decided by drawing teams from four pots on April 1st 2022. Host country Qatar are automatically in Group A. Follow the chart to see all the World Cup 2022 groups:

Groups Countries 
Group AQatarEcuadorSenegalNetherlands
Group BEnglandIranUSAWales
Group CArgentinaSaudi ArabiaMexicoPoland
Group DFranceAustraliaDenmarkTunisia
Group ESpainCosta RicaGermanyJapan
Group FBelgiumCanadaMoroccoCroatia
Group GBrazilSerbiaSwitzerlandCameroon
Group HPortugalGhanaUruguaySouth Korea

World Cup 2022 Game Structure

Thirty-two teams across the globe will feature in 64 matches. There are eight groups, from A to H. Each group consists of four countries. Fascinating, this is the last time the World Cup will comprise 32 teams. From 2026, 48 teams will be playing for the ultimate prize. 

The event starts with a group stage. During this period, four teams will play on a daily basis and this will continue for 12 days. The winners and second-place teams will advance to the round of 16. 

How to Bet on World Cup 2022

Millions of fans try their luck by betting on World Cup 2022 as it’s one of the biggest markets in sports betting. Unsurprisingly, there are many interesting betting markets offered by global Sportsbooks. This guide will walk you through some of the most popular betting types. With this info, you will be ready to embark upon your FIFA World Cup betting journey. 

Match Winner: Kicking off the list we have the most common betting market in any sport: Match Winner is also known as Moneyline betting. As the name implies the bet is about the winner of the match. As simple as it sounds, you just need to choose a team you think may win and wager on it. 

Handicap: The main idea of this market is always the same: bookies give the underdog an advantage by handicapping the favoured team. This is done with the intention to help balance the odds to provide greater value. For FIFA World Cup betting, this is an exciting market as there are many teams and some obvious short-priced favourites. 

Double Chance: This market is perfect for World Cup 2022 betting. You will get a chance to bet on two possible outcomes of the match. As there are many teams you can try your luck by backing an underdog to either win or draw. This market won’t be as lucrative as others but you will have a higher chance of getting something back. 

Over/Under: Here you don’t have to bother who will win, you just need to predict the overall number of scored goals. YOur chosen Sportsbook will offer a line and you bet on the number to be higher or lower than that. For example, if the odds are 2.5, you win if the game has zero, one or two goals.

Prop Bets: To make the matches even more interesting, bookies offer prop bets. You can have fun with a friend trying to guess who will score the next goal, who will score the first goal, or even who will get a red card. Bookies can be very creative about prop bets, especially for the World Cup 2022. 

Accumulators Bets: This market is for more experienced bettors. You will have several bets compiled into one wager. As there are several matches in a day, this betting market is a great option. Do your research before wagering. Start with what you know and bet on things in which you have confidence. You will win if all the single bets are successful so this market can be very profitable.

Betting Strategies for the FIFA World Cup 2022  

Having a tried-and-tested betting strategy can often reap handsome dividends. Here we assess some of the most popular approaches when it comes to having a punt on the action:

Choose Your Betting Site

It barely goes without saying of the importance in finding a reliable betting site. Before trusting any site make sure it has a gambling licence, which will always be visible on their homepage. Furthermore, carefully examine the odds. Bookies may offer unbelievable odds, but it is worth comparing them with other Sportsbooks to choose the bookie that best suits your needs.

Promotions or Bonuses

The World Cup is a global event and all the bookies put forward many promotions and bonuses for betting. If you are a first-time bettor these can be very helpful as you could receive bigger odds, cashback, betting insurance or even a free bet. Some bookies even offer a welcome bonus or a guaranteed bet - regardless of the result. 

Look at Statistics

As a bettor, you always need to be informed before having a flutter. The same applies to the World Cup - especially at this time of the year. Check the statistics and injury reports, and make sure to know all about the teams, the players and their strengths and weaknesses.

Bet on What You Know

There will be 32 teams and bookies may come up with unbelievable odds that may look too good to be true. Before blindly backing any team because the layers might be offering enhanced odds, shop around and do your homework. 

The World Cup is a massively popular sporting event. It gathers the strongest teams every four years and rarely fails to disappoint. If you are planning to join the event from a betting perspective, keep this article on-side to learn all about the essentials. 

 *Odds subject to change and were correct at time of publication 

( 10.11.2022)

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