Size of Soccer Betting Market In The World

The most popular sport in the world is football. Therefore, it is not surprising that most bookmakers offer the widest line and favorable odds for this sport. Placing a bet on football is quite simple, today bookmakers offer quite a variety of sports competitions and types of bets, which allows each bettor to choose and place a bet on football, and profitably create a coupon for a sporting event.

Size of Betting Market

As of 2022, the size of the global soccer sports betting market is USD 73 billion and growing at a rapid pace. Such development of this industry is carried out due to the increase in the distribution of smartphones, changes in the digital arena in the countries of South Asia and the popularization of sports betting among young people.

in the last 2-3 years, due to the global pandemic, most of the younger generation spend their time in smartphones, this also contributes to the growth of the sports betting market. Such internet platforms are used by users to overcome their social, psychological and financial problems.

This football segment has seen the highest growth rates in recent years due to the popularity of this sport. Famous football players (Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar and Robert Lewandowski) contribute to the popularization of this sports betting market by attracting the largest number of fans in the world to the segment. It is also worth noting the important role of international football champions (UEFA European Championship, FIFA World Cup, FA Cup, America's Cup, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Champions League).

The main events of football

Most often, players bet on the following events in the football world:

  1. The Olympic Games are a great place to see the best teams in the world compete against each other;
  2. The World Cup is one of the most popular and anticipated football events in the world. Billions of people around the world watch how national teams fight for the title of the best team in the world;
  3. The Champions League and the UEFA Europa League are well-known and popular European club competitions.

Although betting can be done at any time during the football season, people tend to be particularly interested in betting during the World Cup.

Common mistakes

Before starting a career, you need to acquire a sufficient amount of knowledge in this sports discipline. This will help you bet on football successfully in the future. It will not be superfluous to get acquainted with the experience of bettors who have enough practice in this direction. They will help reduce the number of popular mistakes that novice bettors often make when placing a bet on football.

Among such popular and frequent mistakes are the following:

  • Bets on a high coefficient. Yes, there really is such a strategy, but beginners quite often misunderstand it and use it in football betting. A high odds is not always a good signal to make a bet. Therefore, you need to analyze the football bet in detail beforehand, and then create a coupon.
  • Improper capital management. Quite often, bettors place a bet on football online and use their entire deposit for this. Yes, a player can get lucky and his football bet will win. However, there is no certainty in such a schedule, and the chances are the same as for a loss. Quite often, such a strategy leads to the fact that the bettor loses all his funds and remains in the red. As experienced bettors say, for one football bet, you need to spend no more than 5% of the total amount of the deposit.
  • Betting on your favorite team. One of the most common mistakes is placing football bets on your favorite team. It is quite difficult to assess the real capabilities of a team when you want it to win with all your heart.
  • Reluctance to follow betting history. Most of the gamers do not keep track of their income, which he receives from betting on football matches, and this is quite a big problem. It is worth understanding how much was lost and how much was earned on bets. This will help to understand how effective certain pairs are, and what to pay attention to in the future.
  • Registration in one bookmaker office. Beginner bettors prefer one bookmaker. He does not want to make a deposit on several portals at once. Instead, he cannot compare the odds that can be provided for the same bets on football, and make not quite profitable bets.
  • Registration in illegal BC. The choice of a bookmaker is quite important in successfully betting online on football. Untrusted portals cannot provide the quality services they talk about so much. And even if it is possible to receive a reward from a bet on football, there is a rather large risk that it will be possible to withdraw the reward.

These are the mistakes novice bettors often make when betting on football. You should get to know them in detail and prevent them from happening again in the future.

Tips for successful betting

After familiarizing yourself with the main mistakes bettors make when betting on football, you can create a selection of certain rules that will help you bet successfully and receive regular rewards. These rules include:

  • We select several legal bookmakers and register at each.
  • Never bet on football, where your favorite team is participating.
  • Every time we check the odds on all bookmakers before placing a bet on football and choose the best offer.
  • We regularly report on the funds spent on the pair and the rewards received.
  • We spend no more than 5% of the bettor's total game balance on placing a bet on football online.

Such rules will help you to successfully bet on football and not stay in the red, get good offers and use them.

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