Football betting strategies

Football betting strategies help fans of the most popular sport beat bookmakers. In this article, we are talking about the most popular football betting schemes that allow players to win good money.

What is a sports betting strategy?

The betting strategy is the rules and principles that the players of bookmakers have derived from personal experience.

Having chosen a strategy, you must follow its recommendations. Before playing for real money, it is better to test any strategy on a betting simulator. You can also enter each selected bet in the table without risking money. You can find many betting options on the bet Uganda platform.

Why strategy is so important?

As the football betting theory says, without a strategy (system) it is impossible to be in the black, especially when it comes to the long term. Each strategy is a tool used for one purpose - to systematically earn from bookmakers at the lowest possible risks. A strategy is a set of rules, principles, schemes, and algorithms that allow you to bet and win.

All football betting strategies are divided into two types: financial and gaming. Sometimes a third type is also distinguished - mathematical ones, which include Value Betting, surebets, etc. Financial systems answer the question “how much to bet?”, And gaming systems answer the question “what match should I bet on?” and “what rate to choose?”. Separately, these two types are not used, it is meaningless. Thus, a complete football betting strategy should include a financial bank management system and game tactics.

  1. Double chance betting strategy

A double chance bet is a single bet on a match that wins on two out of three possible outcomes. There are three choices in the double chance market:

  • 1X - victory of the first team or a draw.
  • X2 - victory of the second team or a draw.
  • 12 - victory of the first or second team.

Bet on double chance in three cases:

Favorite insurance. If the odds for a clear victory of the favorite are 1.95, then you can bet on 1X for about 1.30. If you doubt the owners' success but want to make a big bet, then you should take 1X.

Outsider bet. Choose matches where the favorite has problems with the composition, motivation, and fatigue has accumulated. A double chance for an outsider and a draw will be at high odds.

Bet against a draw. Choose a bet of 12 if there are opponents who are satisfied only with a victory.

  1. Betting strategy on total goals in the first half

The coefficient for the same TO is always higher in the first half than in the second. Bet on a total over 1 with odds of at least 1.50. Otherwise, play a total of over 1.5 to increase your potential profit. Choose a match of teams that attack without reconnaissance. To increase the coefficient, wait 5-10 minutes and bet live.

  1.  Catch-up betting strategy

Catching up is a betting strategy in which, after each loss, you increase the amount of the next bet or odds so that the first win brings a profit. In the classic version of catch-up, known as martingale, you always bet on odds of 2.00 and after losing, double your next bet.

For example, you choose a team whose matches have played under 2.5 goals several times in a row. Then you bet on a total of over 2.5 goals in her meetings until you win while increasing the amount of the bet after each failure. If you bet on odds of 2.00 every time, just double your bet amount. If the odds are different, use this formula to determine the bet amount after each loss: (Loss + Target Profit) / (Odds - 1).

  1. Late goals betting strategy

You bet that at least one more goal will be scored in the match in the 75th minute. If the ratio is much lower than 1.80, then wait for the 80th minute.

To select matches, use 4 criteria:

  • There are many dangerous moments in the meeting.
  • None of the teams has a clear advantage in the score.
  • A scoring player came on as a replacement.
  • In the match, the total over-expected by the bookmakers was not broken.
  1. Draw betting strategy

Bookmakers usually give odds of around 3.50 or more on a draw in a football match. And betting on a draw can be profitable.

To select matches, use 4 criteria:

  • There are a lot of draws in the tournament.
  • A draw in the match will suit both teams.
  • Rivals often draw with each other in recent years.
  • Teams often draw in the last rounds.

For-profit at a distance, it is enough to win every third bet.

Flat betting strategy

You bet a fixed amount on every bet, regardless of the odds or the size of the pot.

For example, your pot is $5,000 and you decide to bet $100 on each selection. With this strategy, you will not lose the pot instantly, but it will be difficult to make money.

According to the betting strategy, flat is placed on the exact score in football. And on outcomes, and on yellow cards. This is a basic pot management strategy that is suitable for any type of bet.

In any activity, you need to have a plan, and betting on football in bookmakers is no exception. The action plan here is the football betting strategy used by the player. And this aspect is no less important than understanding football and smart analysis. In fact, the right strategy can offset the better's weaknesses in forecasting, becoming the basis of a successful game.

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