How Your Football Betting Success Can Be Used In Other Sports Too

There can be a few different reasons for us all as individuals, of course. However, broadly, punters can be split into two categories – those who believe they have a clear edge over the bookmakers, and those who simply want to add some fun and intrigue to their Saturday afternoon viewing.

Either way, in both cases you will have some understanding of the beautiful game – its teams, its key players and the unique machinations that govern who succeeds and who fails in football’s cutthroat world.

It’s interesting, because many punters believe that, if they are not an avid fan of a particular sport, they shouldn’t wager on it.

But actually, many of the principles that make you a profitable football bettor can be applied to other sports too, and with just a basic appreciation of its unique conditions, you can start to see consistent returns in other areas of the bookmakers’ A-Z as well.

If you can nail the three aspects mentioned below, then you can be a profitable punter across the board.

Do Your Research

It goes without saying, but you will need to put in some hard yards to ensure you are successful as a multi-sport punter.

Think about your football betting – even the most casual of punters will look at the league table, each team's form and may even take a look at social media for team news or potential injuries.

For individual sports like tennis and golf, the form of the players is absolutely paramount – it is highly unlikely somebody is just going to start winning out of nowhere. Researching how each player has been performing of late is the least you can do to correctly research your selections.

In team-based sports, often situational factors are key. This October will see the T20 cricket World Cup head to the United Arab Emirates. England are the number one team on the planet in the shortest format of the game, according to the ICC rankings at least, and yet other conditions need to be considered.

India defeated England in a T20 series in the spring of this year and will have a clear advantage on the slow, spinning pitches of the Middle East. So, with a bit of research, many have identified India as a fine pick in the T20 World Cup cricket betting odds.

The number one rule of betting on any sport – do your homework.

Know Your Market

As you know from betting on football, there are lots of different markets to explore.

In football, you might dip into the Over 2.5 Goals market, Both Teams to Score or handicaps etc. And that’s because you have spotted a potentially profitable angle.

All sports have these markets to explore beyond match/event winner, and taking the time to look into these – and the possibilities that are presented – will help you to maximise your returns.

Understanding Value

Betting odds, whether in their fractional, decimal or American form, essentially represent the likelihood of something happening.

These odds can be changed to a percentage to give an implied probability of a team or player winning. Don’t worry if you’re not a maths whizz, as there are sites online that can perform the calculation for you.

In short, betting value is attained when the implied probability of the betting odds is higher than the realistic chance of an event occurring. And this is, ultimately, the key to long-term betting success – placing more value bets than not.

So there you have it. Apply these basic principles to your betting, and you can become successful no matter which sports you choose.

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