The Championship Is the Best League in English Football – Here’s Why

Plenty of football fans would argue that the Championship is the best league in English football. Here we look at why.

The Championship, as England’s second tier of football, is often overlooked by fans of the topflight. As well as fans of football in other leagues.

It might come as a surprise to learn that there’s an argument to be made for England’s second tier, being the best league in the country.

The Premier League has the Glamour

The Premier League, by comparison, is always given enormous credit by football fans for its entertaining brand of football. After all, the different class of players to other divisions such as Kevin De Bruyne of Manchester City or Arsenal’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, is undeniably appealing.

By comparison, the Championship looks to Adam Armstrong and Ismaïla Sarr for its great players. The difference here is that Premier League is where players become world-class. While the Championship is where they are made.

Recent years have seen the likes of Aaron Ramsey, Theo Walcott, and Gareth Bale grow in the Premier League. The likes of Welsh compatriots Ramsey and Bale have also managed to make it on the continent.

This is despite having humble beginnings. Bale made a record move from Spurs to Real Madrid. While Ramsey, later on in his career, moved on a free from Arsenal to Italian giants Juventus.

An intriguing point about the Championship is the skill gap between teams at the top and bottom of the division. Within English football, the FA Cup is praised every year for the magic of the Cup. None more so during ties between lower league minnows and Premier League giants.

The Championship has an Exciting mix of Matchups

There is a huge skills gap between relegated Premier League sides, and the newly promoted League One sides.

This means there's almost an FA Cup-vibe about some of the Championship’s more off-the-wall matchups. Especially so if it’s between clubs that weren’t expected to have gotten promoted.

A good example of this over the current season is between the likes of Luton Town and Brentford. Brentford over the course of the 19/20 season was fighting for promotion until the bitter end. 

The last few years have hardly been kind to Luton Town. This relates to their administration, points deduction, and fight back from non-league to the Championship a couple of years back.

It's clear that these matches take pride of place within the sports press from the thought-provoking features on the best and worst performances of a weekend’s football. For instance, the latest Championship betting news from bet365 provides an interesting insight into all the reported gossip and news, alongside various viewpoints from the league’s managers in reports on press conferences. As well as keeping up with the latest transfers and odds, these details are vital for understanding the state of play at both individual clubs and across the division.  

What the Championship lacks in Glamour, it makes up for with Drama

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It’s thanks to a multitude of factors that the Championship can be considered the best league in England. The glamour of the Premier League isn’t replicated as we descend the pyramid of English football.

But there’s a charm associated with the divisions below the top. And this charm makes for more entertaining football and a more compelling season. 

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