Finding The Best Lotteries To Bet On

When you are looking at playing lotteries, there are just so many to bet on that it can seem like a bit of a minefield.

The rewards for winning the lotto can be huge though. Although, when you compare it to
betting on football, there is just no comparison with the amount you can win.

The Best Lotteries To Bet On Aren't Always The Ones You Think

For lotto players who really take it seriously, there are so many different things to take into consideration. What are the chances of winning? How big is the jackpot? Are the lower value prizes any good? The list goes on.

Or alternatively, you could just be one of those people that buys a ticket every week for a bit of fun, hoping to win that huge jackpot, that allows you to retire and take that round the world cruise you’ve always dreamed of.

Even if you fall into the latter category, it’s still worth investing a bit of time into researching what is the best value lotto for you to bet on.

Why? Well because if you’re after a big jackpot, why not research which lotto gives you the best value chance of scooping the big prize. Surely it’s worth looking at playing a lotto with a 1 in 1 million chance of winning the jackpot, rather one that has a 1 in 20 million chance of hitting the jackpot.

It’s also important to look into which lotteries give you a better chance of winning any prize. After all, it’s not just all about hitting that jackpot.

For example, playing Euromillions you have a 1 in 13 chance of winning any prize, not just the jackpot. While in the two big US lotteries (Powerball and Megamillionsl), the chances of winning any prize are 1 in 24.

Meaning that on average, you are nearly twice as likely to bag a prize in Euromillions, than you are playing Powerball and Megamillions.

powerball lottery
The US Powerball lottery is home to the world record jackpot payout (£1.1 Billion)

A quick look at those same three lotteries when it comes to winning the jackpot, shows they are all some of the worst performers.

Megamillions - 1 in 302,575,350 chance of winning jackpot
Powerball - 1 in 292,201,338 chance of winning jackpot
Euromillions - 1 in 139,838,160 chance of winning jackpot

Is A Bet On A Mini Lotto Better Value Than Betting On Mainstream Lotteries?

Compare these three huge lotteries with say the Polish Mini Lotto, where you have a 1 in
850,668 chance of landing the jackpot, and you can immediately see there is a huge disparity. But then the Mini Lotto in Poland only has a 1 in 124 chance of winning any prize. So it just goes to show it can be worth doing your homework.

The Polish Mini Lotto is a far smaller lotto than the big three I previously mentioned, but what it does show is that the Mini Lotto is the most cost effective lottery to play if you want to have a chance of hitting the big jackpot. Or at least a jackpot amount that is big enough to retire on.

Lotteries Are Huge Business

Looking around the world, you will see that lotteries are a huge business. The biggest ones - as you might expect - are found in the USA.

The two biggest wins ever scooped were in the States, on Powerball and Megamillions. But when you play a lotto the question you need to ask yourself is, are you looking for a huge jackpot, or a better chance of winning a smaller jackpot?

So to help you work that out, you would first need to decide how much money is enough for you to win? I'd personally settle for a few hundred grand, I could happily retire on that. Some dream of winning huge multi million pound payouts though.

In the two huge American lotto wins, the amounts were over £1.1 billion (Powerball), and
over £419 million (Megamillions).

The largest win this side of the pond is the £167 million paid out by Euromillions back in October 2019.

Euromillions Lotteries To Bet On
The largest win in the UK was £167 Million playing Euromillions in October 2019

Playing Lotteries Can Act As A Football Betting Alternative

Another good reason for playing mini lotteries (instead of the huge draws) is because a bit like football (in normal times), they are 7 days a week, and are also cheap to enter. This means you can play them more regularly without going overboard with your finances.

With the current lack of football available due to the pandemic, punters who would normally be placing a football accumulator bet on a Saturday afternoon have been looking for different ways to have a bet.

The same problem can apply during the summer months, when the football seasons around Europe have finished. So playing things like online poker, virtual games, and lotteries, can be a good alternative for those looking for something to have a bet on, or for those just looking to have a bit of casual fun.

Football accumulators are the only real football bet that can be compared to lottery jackpots. They are longer odds, and have a smaller chance of winning. The biggest difference is, you stand to win a whole lot more betting on a lottery.

It’s just a matter of deciding on which lottery it is you want to bet on? Do you go for the mini lotto style bet, hoping to win a life changing amount. Or do you go for the gigantic win, the one that pays you more money than you could ever spend, but you have less chance of winning.

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