Sports betting on the rise

Traffic Puma is one of the newest entities within the affiliate marketing universe - they focus on the UK market and fair core values, focusing on the rise in casino and sports betting as their target markets.

Online casino gaming and sports betting are very popular in Europe now.

It has been for a long time, particularly in the UK – which has a long and famous tradition of sports betting.

Of betting in general, really, as you can place a bet on virtually anything. But soccer games, rugby games, and all other imaginable and unimaginable sports are now available to bet on, in the comfort of your own home, 24 hours a day.

Sports Betting is Booming

With the online casino boom, the traditional sports betting shops in England saw a small decline. But overall football betting and game playing stayed the same or increased rather.

It took some time, but soon sports betting sites popped up, and they got better by the month. These days it is a pure joy to enter a properly set-up and administered sports betting site.

The website Wisegambler is one of the newest casino and sports betting review sites in the UK market.

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“ is the first project of Traffic Puma, and it has to do with the casino and sports betting markets in the UK,” explains Ken Larsen – CEO of Traffic Puma.

“We focus on responsible gaming, and we’re in full compliance with all the recent changes in relevant laws and regulations. Which in itself is almost like a business idea, seeing as the large majority of sites are late on this point”. will offer relevant content to players who are interested in implementing some kind of responsibility-based techniques and strategies. Making sure their online gambling does not turn into a problem.

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Responsibility and Wisdom

“Wisdom” is a keyword for Wisegambler, and it definitely sounds better than “responsibility.”

Because we don’t necessarily want to be one hundred percent responsible always, but who doesn’t want to be wise?

“We want to remain positive about the joy, entertainment, and relaxation you get from online gaming, but we admit to the fact that some people develop problems. And we address all this on our site”, says Ken Larsen.

Sports and casino

Wisegambler will cover all major online casinos and sports betting sites online, which is a huge task.

“Our researchers are working around the clock to gather information about the casinos. All the kind of stuff that is written in fine print is what we’re looking for.

And the reason is that we want to tell our users which casinos are fair. And which are too strict on wagering requirements, etc.”.

Check out the full lists of casinos, and sports betting sites on and make sure you take in some of the content on the issue of responsible gambling. Online gaming has never been easier, and free access is great.

But with it comes the need for responsibility at all levels of the value chain.

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