Arsene Wenger moaning like a drain

Can anyone come up with anything else for moaning Arsene Wenger to whinge about this weekend?

There doesn't seem to be too much left for the Arsenal manager to complain about. So he must need some fresh ideas for his after match rant for this weekend.

Moaning Arsene Wenger Is Turning Into A Complete Hypocrite

After falling out with the Dutch over Robin van Persie, and taking a swipe at international football in general lately, the Frenchman has now turned his attention to Mick McCarthy, and the fixture list.

While I have (very limited) sympathy with him over Wolves and their capitulation at Manchester United, he has a brass neck complaining, after what he did last week in the Champions League.

Wenger is a complete hypocrite to say Wolves have questioned the "credibility of the Premier League", true as it may be.

Did Wenger uphold the credibility of the Champions League when he fielded a team of youngsters against Olympiakos last Wednesday?

In doing so, potentially depriving Standard Liege of the chance to progress to the knock-out stages. No he didn't, and I don't hear him complaining about that!

It's one thing to moan about a particular subject, but don't do it when you've effectively done the same thing the previous week. It makes you look stupid.

Perhaps UEFA should get in touch with him and ask him what he was doing last Wednesday. As Liege are just a small club in Belgium, I don't suppose anything will happen.

He also remarked on the Wolves issue "It is sad, but what can I do about that? I am responsible for Arsenal".

Exactly, and Mick McCarthy is responsible for Wolves, so butt out you double standard hypocrite!!

Fixture List Remarks

On the issue of the fixture list he said of the supposed chap who organised the list "For sure, he has never played football, organising midweek games in a week when you have a Europa League."

So let me get this straight, you need to have played football now to organise the fixture list? Is this what Wenger is saying?

What next? To suggest Hull have an unfair advantage is ridiculous, did Hull have an unfair advantage in November when they had to play three games in a week? No

Did Hull moan? No, they just got on with it.

It was great to hear Tony Pulis and Phil Brown speaking out against Wenger's moaning with Pulis (who has himself been on the end of another hypocritical Wenger moan) saying he moans "like a drain"

He has a large squad anyway as he needs it for the Champions League. So what is his problem?

It is just another typical example of a manager moaning and blaming everyone else, simply because as things are not going right for him at the moment.

Totally ridiculous and embarrassing. He should just shut up and get on with it.

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