Far from ‘Perfect’ Benitez

I see Rafa Benitez claimed referee Lee Mason had a "perfect" game at Fratton Park on Saturday in a rather sarcastic tone after he masterminded Liverpool's 2-0 defeat to the leagues bottom club, Portsmouth.

During different stages of Saturday's after match interview, Benitez idiotically claimed six times that Mason was perfect.

Benitez was clearly trying to use this as a form of criticism of the referee in a way he hopes won't upset the FA.

He also stated that Liverpool were controlling the game until they conceded a goal, and then the sending off changed the game.

Is that so! I can't say I noticed that.

Let me put it another way Rafa, you where not controlling the game at all. The sending off didn't change the game, as your team were already getting outplayed before it happened.

This is just your usual pathetic tactic of blaming someone other than yourself for your teams poor showing.

Did Lee Mason play two holding midfielders against the bottom side in the division? And did Lee Mason leave one of your best players this season, Yossi Benayoun, on the bench for nearly an hour?

No you did Rafa. You will never win the Premier League with your negative attitude. You don't fool anyone trying to blame the ref, everyone knows it's all his own fault.

Rafa is lucky in the fact that he has the most loyal bunch of fans behind him. He is fast becoming a worse manager for excuses than Gerard Houllier was.

And he was a moaning disgrace as well.

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