NFL Predictions and Picks: All-Inclusive Bet Types Guide

There are countless ways to wager on the NFL: daily fantasy sports, NFL prop bets, NFL parlays, NFL picks against the spread, over/under, and even scoreboard squares. Every kind of football fan can find their ideal bet. While some bettors prefer to have a wide range and wager on anything they believe to be a value pick, others prefer to specialise in one specific kind of NFL selection. Below are specifics about Dimers' in-depth hot NFL football picks and wager-type forecasts.

NFL Moneyline Predictions and Picks

You can make simple predictions by following our NFL moneyline recommendations. All you have to do with money lines is pick the team you think will win. The best option for placing a wager on whether the Chiefs will defeat the Ravens in the NFL season opener in 2024 is to use the money line selection. This type of prediction does not account for handicaps or points.

NFL Spread Betting Strategy: Heads Up Predictions

The odds get balanced by our spread selections and projections. A margin (commonly referred to as the "spread") established by bookmakers must be won by the preferred team. Assuming that Josh Allen's Bills get favoured by 7 points over Aaron Rodgers' Jets, your bet will lose if the Jets win by a margin larger than 7 points, based on our predictions.

NFL Picks and Predictions: Prop Bets (Proposition Bets)

Our NFL player props and forecasts are great for anyone wishing to guess certain game events or results in 2024. These predictions offer an exciting twist to your NFL experience, whether it's picking Patrick Mahomes to win another MVP award or figuring out which team will score a touchdown first.

Parlays: Compiling NFL Predictions and Picks

Our top parlay recommendations enable you to combine several bet predictions into a single wager, increasing possible profits. But the stakes are higher; the wager could get lost with just one incorrect prediction out of a combination. For example, if you predict three team wins at the money line, your parlay prediction will not be successful unless all three teams win.

Long-Term NFL Picks and Predictions (Outrights): Future Bets

Our NFL future predictions and choices focus on longer-term outcomes rather than just the game's immediate outcome. You can bet on anything, including whether the Eagles will win the NFC East or the Chiefs will win the Super Bowl. These extended forecasts often offer more substantial potential returns due to their unpredictable nature.

Super Bowl LIX: Initial Picks and Predictions

With a 12.1% chance of winning and +600 odds, the Kansas City Chiefs are the front-runners in Dimers' predictions for Super Bowl LIX in 2025, according to FanDuel. They are the front-runners with a good chance of winning back-to-back titles because of their recent success and cohesive team. The Chiefs have a slight advantage over other contenders due to their consistent play and strategic skill, which makes them the favourite to win the championship among analysts and fans. 

NFL Teaser Wagering

While parlaying a few teams against the spread is one kind of parlay, NFL teaser betting is a far safer bet. An NFL Teaser bet adjusts the spread line by adding or subtracting extra points in your favour. Two-team, 6-point teasers, which award six points for each game, are the most common type of NFL teaser. If the lines are -3, both teams are at +3.

NFL Playoffs This Week

Pickswise has all the information you require before placing a wager on any of the NFL games this week or throughout the season. In addition to player and team prop bets, same-game parlays, and even NFL computer predictions and picks today, you can find professional match previews, the best stats, odds, and trends to consider.

NFL Preseason Wagering

NFL preseason betting is still a chance to try and beat the sportsbooks, even though it's not as popular as regular season games, where every game means so much more. It takes extra research to place a wager on NFL preseason games because starting lineups, backups, and practice squad members will all be present during the now-shortened three-week period.

In brief

The source for NFL predictions has the source. Check out our MLB, NBA, and college football predictions while you're here. Additionally, you can view our best bets for today on all major professional and collegiate sports, as well as promotions from the best sports betting sites in your state.

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