Understanding the 5 Crucial Positions in American Football

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When betting on football, whether it’s European or American, you must understand each player's position. This way, you will be able to tell the strengths and weaknesses of a team, which will help you decide whether to bet on them.

Regarding American football, the players' positions are taken more seriously by fans and bettors. If you aren't familiar with these positions yet and are planning to bet on a football game in the future, we have compiled the top five most crucial positions in American football to help you with your journey.

Check out each of the positions below and understand their functions. It will help you identify the team that most likely wins the game. 


You should look into each player's crucial positions when betting on European football. If you want to bet on European football, click here for more information.

Meanwhile, when it comes to American football, the same principle applies. Players also perform specific field positions to better contribute to the overall chance of their team winning the game. The quarterback, or QB, is American football's first and most crucial position.

The term quarterback means to take control of something. Players in the QB position also play as in-field coaches that take control of the team's offensive unit. He will manage the ball more than anyone else on the team, that's why it's the most vital position in football, and he has the option to throw, pass, run with, or hand off the ball.

Quarterbacks should have an apparent passing skill. They are considered the leader of the team aside from the coaches.

Edge Pass-Rusher

The edge pass-rushers are players that are positioned further outside the offensive formation. They are considered the defensive player placed at the line of scrimmage just outside the last offensive player.

The edge pass rushers are the ones in charge of setting the edge. They need to stop any player from the opposing team who carries the ball from reaching the outside part of the field. Pass rushers do this by tackling the ball carrier or forcing the player to go inside the field where the rest of the defensive players are positioned.

The edge pass-rusher is responsible for ensuring that the ball carrier from the other team won't go past him and reach the outside part of the field. Edge pass-rusher players come in different sizes and shapes. They need power, speed, and moves to prevent the ball carriers from reaching their destination.

Left Tackle

The third most important position in American football is the left tackle. It's an offensive position that helps protect the QB's blind side from the opposing team's pass rusher. You need to anticipate that the opposing team will place the best pass rusher on the left side, where they have to intercept the QB and prevent him from reaching outside the field.

That's why the left tackle must have enough strength, footwork, and quickness. But they also need great balance, or all these skills would be useless. Left tackles only got the credit they deserve in recent years.

Before, this position had always been taken for granted. However, as the years passed, many have noticed how vital this position is in a team's offense. That's why today, bettors are starting to handicap left tackle players when choosing a team to bet on a specific game.


Football center is another offensive position crucial to the team's success. The center is another player, aside from the QB, who handles the ball in each play. They are called the center, positioned in the innermost part of the offensive line.

You will easily identify the center as they are the ones who kick the ball to the QBs at the beginning of each play. They are also known as the offensive line leader, so it's critical that the team's center must have the right speed, clear vision, and high football IQ.

Since they are responsible for reading the defense and blocking schemes, if the team's blocking is way off, you can easily blame it on the center by doing a bad reading at the line.

Wide Receiver

The wide receiver is expected to be involved in the most important plays as they must score the team's touchdowns. Usually, two wide receivers are actively playing on the field for each team in a single game.

These two wide receivers are positioned on opposite sides of the football field. Wide receivers should have various skills to be effective. Since they need to catch the ball as the QB throws it to them, they need to have the following skills:

  • Proper eye-hand coordination
  • Clear vision
  • Agility
  • Focus
  • Body Control
  • Toughness
  • Soft hands
  • Strength
  • Quickness
  • Physical stamina
  • Intelligence
  • Ability to conceptualize concepts

Aside from catching the ball from the QB, wide receivers also try to avoid outmaneuvering or simply outrunning the safeties and cornerbacks defending them.

In Conclusion

The positions mentioned aren't the only important ones in an American football team. You need to treat all players equally as important regardless of their positions. However, you should put more focus on handicapping players who hold the five mentioned positions to determine better whether a team will win or not.

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