How to get a stable profit on “both teams to score”

BTTS is characterized by ease of forecasting, and this is the main key to the popularity of betting among novice bettors in Betwinner app. Let's consider an alternative to the "at random" principle: what combinations of bets exist, what is the pre-match analysis, and what strategies are available for this. 

What does "Both Teams To Score" mean in football? 

This market offers players two options for the outcome: yes or no. A positive answer indicates that there will be goals from both teams, a negative one - one or both participants will play to zero. Bookmakers can offer combinations based on BTTS: “both to score” + total, “both to score” + winner, “both to score” + double chance, etc. 

Types of bets on "both teams to score" 

"Yes or no" 

By choosing a positive answer, you make a bet with the betting company that both participants will exchange at least one goal. If “no”, then to make a profit, it is enough that one of the opponents does not score a single ball. 

Let's say your bet is $100, and you're leaning towards both teams exchanging goals. The coefficient is 1.64. You get $164 if the score is 1:1 or higher. The opposite example: you bet $100 on both sides not to score at odds of 1.78. The profit will be $ 178 if one participant beats the other dry: 0:1, 0:2, 1:0, 2:0, etc. 

Winner + "Both To Score" 

Many bookmakers place a combination bet, offering to wager that both teams will score + a certain participant will win or both participants will roll balls to each other + there will be no draw. 

Double Chance + "Both To Score" 

The bet will be profitable if you correctly predict the double chance option (team 1 does not lose, team 2 does not lose or there is no draw) and both teams score. 

Total + "both teams to score" 

A combined bet involves agreeing to two conditions: that the total number of balls in the match will be less than or greater than a certain value, and that the opponents will definitely exchange at least one goal. A safe option is considered to be a total under 3.5 bet + "both teams to score". In this variant, you will be satisfied with the score 1:1, 1:2, 2:1, which is not so much, but much better than in the variant with a total over 2.5 and “both teams will score”. 

Football Betting

Both To Score Betting Strategies 

The type of tournament and the status of the team, as in any other market, also have weight here. The bet "both teams to score" - "yes" is suitable for the competition between two high-scoring clubs with active pressing and unstable defense. Of course, all players must be present, and the team spirit must be motivated by victory. 

With a bet “both teams will score” - “no”, the situation is exactly the opposite. Matches with teams that play defensively, and rarely play counterattacks are suitable. Or, as an option, a game of a clear favorite with a clear outsider, who, in addition, has problems in attack. For the option “both teams to score” - “no”, the odds are higher than for the alternative bet with a positive answer, and this motivates bettors. 

Questions and answers

Teams with weak defense? 

When meeting competitors with weak defenses, the match may turn out to be more productive, in contrast to the duel of football clubs with strong defenses. This option is great for both teams to score - yes. But you can not rely only on statistical data - a number of other factors are important. 

For example, a coach can forcibly increase the defense if a draw is enough for the club to advance to the next round. Or the previous championship, the team scored a weak defense, but on the eve of future games, the club's management made deals for the purchase of players in the defensive line. It is quite expected that the situation will change in the new season, so it is not worth placing a bet at least on the first games with the participation of this team. By the middle of the tournament, the alignment of forces will become clear, and you will decide whether you can earn money here or not. 

Major leagues? 

The major European leagues occupy the top lines of the rating in terms of the effectiveness of meetings. This is, first of all, Serie A, English Premier League, Bundesliga and La Liga. It is good to make accumulators for the matches of these leagues, since the probability of a goal in them is high. 


A system is a bet that includes several parlays. This type of bet is characterized by fractional numbers, for example, 3/4, where 4 is the number of events, and 3 is the number of guessed results required to make a profit at the rate. The minimum possible combination is 2/3. Choose events with odds of at least 1.4. The optimal range of coefficients: 1.7-2.4.

In conclusion, we note that the “both teams to score” bet is extremely simple and suitable for beginners. There are no clever strategies here, it is enough to conduct a simple analysis. In order to make a profit, it is necessary to analyze the statistics of meetings, evaluate the lineups and news about new acquisitions of clubs, and understand the motivation of teams in a particular match.

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